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50 Years of Membership

September sees Nick Tuck celebrate 50 years of membership having joined the Club as a junior, with a full swing, at the age of 11.

A solicitor, with over 30 years in the pharma industry, Nick played football for many local clubs as well as cricket for Beaconsfield before lifting the Presidents Cup at BGC in 1997 at his first attempt at playing over 36 holes … unfortunately, nothing since then despite a regular participant in the Clubs’ competitions and knockouts. 

If not playing golf and tennis with his wife, Julie, the pair can be found heading up the High Road every other weekend to watch Tottenham.

New Member

We welcome new member Devon Wordsworth to Beaconsfield.

We hope that you have a long and happy membership.   

From the Captain

It is difficult to believe this is my 24th and last contribution to the Niblick. I do hope the newsletter continues to bring an element of light entertainment to all our readers.

This is one of my last opportunities to offer a big thank you to the countless members, including Board colleagues, who have given me such tremendous support over the past 2 years.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Captain’s Dinner this coming Saturday and the AGM the following week.

I sense that those who attended Captain's Day earlier this month had an enjoyable time -148 golfers played 18 holes on the day and I suspect that the refreshment cart and Pimms station may have played a part in dampening the scores if not the spirits! Embarrassingly, my son-in-law Stewart Gilmour prevailed with 43 Stableford points (4 more than 6 others who all managed 39 points). He also won the course lager race, consuming 6 bottles of 4.8% during the round - maybe he should have been tested for taking performance enhancing substances?

Around 200 members enjoyed the post golf barbecue and golf show put on by trick shot specialist Dean Davidson. Dean was most entertaining and managed to include several of the audience in his show.

A big thank you to our very generous participants  helping us to raise a remarkable £4000 on the day for the Captains’ Charity, Rennie Grove Hospice Care, taking the total raised in the year so far to an amazing  £19k.

A few congratulations:

Lloyd Davies who just pipped Jeremy Shute on countback to win the autumn meeting - Ellerton Salver; Gemma Dryburgh who finished tied 8th in a very strong field at the LPGA Portland classic; Simon Prankard, Ken Cotter, John Nash, Graham McGregor, who won the internal “club team” Texas Scramble event and very kindly donated their winnings to the captain’s charity.

I must also congratulate Stuart, David and Jeremy and their teams for their superhuman efforts over the past two years. Life has been far from easy at times over the past couple of years and their support has been fantastic. Last but by no means least I must record a huge thank you to Katie Free for putting up with me for 2 years 😉. Katie has been an absolute star!

I sincerely hope you all continue to enjoy your golf and our wonderful golf course for many years to come.

Steve Lynch 

From the Ladies Captain

Well my two years as lady Captain are drawing to a close. My thanks go to Katie and the office for all their help, David Jennings and his capable staff for all our catering needs, Stuart and his hard working green keepers and last but not least my committee and our lady members who have supported me during these trying times.

Due to family commitments I have been absent from two of our main events leaving my able vice captain Sue and committee to run the events.

The Autumn Meeting had a field of 80 ladies for the morning Stableford and 56 ladies for the afternoon greensomes. Congratulations to Leni de Plessis for winning division 1 with a score of 41 and Janie Kebbel for winning division 2 also with a score of 41 in the Stableford competition. Janie also won the Benson bowl, awarded to the highest scoring grandmother registered to play, for the second year running.

The afternoon greensomes was won by Sue Goodliffe and Yvonne Arnold.

The invitation day was a great success with 80 players, including guests from 20 other clubs. The winning team was Carol Isaac, Gina Houston, Lesley Roberts and Jan Lansdowne with 86 points.

My thanks go to Gill Leach, who organised the day, and to the many helpers who did prizes, score cards, flowers, Bee Sweep raffle, cakes and refreshments.

The raffle and cake sale raised a remarkable £575 for Rennie Grove.

Another £720 was raised by Sue Lynch who organised a sale of snoods and honey.

My thanks go to the ladies who made the snoods and to Ruth Lambert and Leni de Plessis for the honey.

My final event was the ladies match with the artisans. We usually have a home and away match but due to Covid, as last year, this was reduced to one match with the artisans treating the ladies to tea. Fourteen ladies and artisans took part in this very enjoyable event with Alison Baker and Danny Saia coming out as victors with 42 points.

Next year we hope that we can go back to the ladies having a home match with the Artisans in April and away in September.

Our knockout competitions have now been finalised.

The Rafferty Vase. Teresa Pender

Ellis Foursomes. Jan Collis and Barbara Francis

Jarvis Cup. Joy Johnson

Preston Salver. Takako McMillan

Congratulations to you all.

I will soon be handing over to Sue Schmidt who I hope has a more conventional time as Ladies Captain. I wish her well.

Barbara Harwood

Overflow Car Park

As no doubt many members will have seen work has started upon the creation of an overflow car park to the right of the main driveway.

There has been increasing pressure on the Clubs parking facilities for a number of years and this has resulted in cars frequently having to park outside marked bays and along the main drive to the rear of the 18th. This is not only unsightly but also hazardous, reducing the width of the drive.

There were a limited number of options that would provide enough additional spaces – extending the existing car park being one. However, this was not considered viable due to the severely sloping ground beyond the practice net, the fact that access to the course would have to be maintained and the impact this could have upon the 1st fairway.

The area of land chosen was previously unused and was extensively overgrown. No trees have been felled but the area has been grubbed out and some mature feature trees have now been exposed which will be protected.

A sympathetic design using low impact, fully permeable gravel will allow water to drain through the surface and railway sleepers are to be used to define the edges of the parking area blending in with the wooded surroundings. Additional planting and soft landscaping will also reduce the visibility of any cars that have to use this overflow area. There is no intention to tarmac this car park.

The top steeper section will serve as an entrance into the main parking area which will therefore be lower and to the right of the main sight lines from the 18th fairway.

The area will provide parking for at least 30 cars and the gravel surface will require minimal maintenance and regrading.

Low energy, low level lighting will be used in the overflow area. It is also proposed to light a number of the feature mature trees that have been exposed and even extend this soft lighting to the main entrance and driveway improving safety whilst at the same time enhancing the experience of members and guests alike.

There could be some slight inconvenience during the 3 week period and we would appreciate the members cooperation during this time but feel sure that the additional overflow parking will blend into its surroundings and relieve the existing parking issues.

Your House Committee.

In The Golf Bag........Ball Searches and Provisional Balls

The 2019 Rules of Golf made some changes to ball searches and playing a provisional ball, so I wanted to clarify these:

Ball Searches

There is now NO PENALTY if your ball is accidentally moved by the player, opponent or anyone else while trying to find it.  This means that if the ball may be under leaves, buried in sand or in long grass, you can search without worrying that you might move the ball.  If the ball is moved, you just replace it on its original spot (which if not known must be estimated).  You must recreate the lie – so put back leaves, push the ball back down into the grass etc.  If the ball was buried in sand, you can leave a small part of the ball visible.

Hopefully this should speed up searches, as you don’t have to be so careful about accidentally moving the ball.

Remember that you are now only allowed THREE minutes to search.  If you have people waiting behind, then it is etiquette to call them through BEFORE you start searching, or you could suspend your search while the group play through and then resume your search, for the remainder of the 3 minutes.  It may save time if your playing partners play their own shots BEFORE they come to help you search.

Identifying Ball

Please remember that you are allowed to identify your ball if you can’t see the marking, but you MUST mark the position of the ball with a tee or small object BEFORE you touch the ball.  You can then turn or lift the ball to check the markings, and then replace on its original spot in its original lie.

If you touch or lift the ball to identify it without marking, it is a ONE SHOT penalty.

If you play a wrong ball because you haven’t checked, it is a general penalty (two shots or loss of hole).

Provisional Ball

You are now allowed to go back and play a provisional ball, provided you play the provisional before your 3 minute search time has not yet ended.  However if the original ball is then found within the 3 minutes, the provisional must be abandoned.

Remember you still need to indicate that the ball is a provisional – if you just say ‘I’m playing another’ then this is not enough and the second ball is deemed to be played under stroke and distance.

Abandoning Original Ball

This is a really interesting one.  Suppose you have hooked you tee shot into thick bushes and play a provisional down the middle – do you REALLY want to find you first ball?

It depends on your options if you find the original ball.  If you know it will be unplayable, then what are your options under the unplayable ball rule?  Two club lengths sideways may still be in the bushes, and back on line may take you even further into trouble, so your only option would be stroke and distance.  In this case, maybe your best option is just to play 3 off the tee rather that playing a provisional.

If you do not want to search for your original ball because you would prefer to continue with your provisional ball, you may decide not to search.

You can ask others not to search, but there is no obligation for them to comply, and if a ball is found, then you must go and identify the ball (provided you have not already played the provisional ball from nearer the hole than where the original ball was estimated to be).

Janet Beal


Click here for the rainfall breakdown

3 Ways that following BGC on Twitter can improve your golf

Do you follow the club on Twitter? You can find us @beaconsfield_gc

Stuart’s course updates on Twitter are always well received by the members who follow the club on this user friendly social media platform. We would love to see more members follow us on Twitter, and thought we would share a few of the benefits that doing so might have for you and your golf.

Stay in the know

Course closed? Maintenance happening? Any changes are updated daily/ regularly meaning members on Twitter receive the latest information directly from Stuart and his team. A recent example of this was the course maintenance week in July. Updates were being posted on the club daily, offering insightful information of the work being completed.

Get golf tips from club pros and tour professionals

Follow other golf courses and professionals on Twitter to see their latest tips and tricks in the game of golf. Tour pros post their own updates and experiences, you can follow along their accounts by simply clicking the ‘follow’ button.

Share your own experiences and golf club pictures

Twitter is perfect for short message (with a max of 280 characters), and also images. Whether it’s a photo of BGC, your match results, or you have a round at a different club, post it to Twitter and tag @beaconsfield_gc and allow likeminded people to engage with your tweets.

To get started, download the Twitter app on your phone/ computer, follow us @beaconsfield_gc and give it a try! 

The twitter feed is also shown on the home page of the website, so if you can't see you need to restore it. Go to my golf/preferences and restore my home page message.

Meeting Josh Whitmore

Gareth Davies & I recently saw Josh while he was strimming the Colt grass bunkers on the 8th with our newest recruit Callum. We had a fascinating chat about cutting back the areas of longer grass around the course. Cutting them back at this time of year will allow for fine grass to emerge next year to allow for easy golf ball location. Good news!

Josh has been a greenkeeper at BGC for 2 years. He likes being given a set plan of work and carrying out these tasks. There are a multitude of these tasks, focused on ongoing course maintenance.

As Josh says ‘I enjoy being ready for different tasks each day.  Also, seeing the difference the team makes to the appearance of the course from Monday to Friday. I enjoy the team I work with and learning from them.’

Josh joined us after attending Berkshire Agricultural College for 5 years. He completed courses in Animal Management and Agriculture. He also worked on farms specialising in sheep. He enjoys his interactions with the members, as he says, ‘everyone I've spoken to has been very friendly.’ He is always happy to answer questions regarding maintenance.

Josh is a born diplomat, when I asked which holes are his favourites, he replied that all our holes are special in their own right.  Hear hear, I say. Interestingly he added that each hole offers a unique challenge to greenkeepers as well as golfers.

Outside of work, Josh enjoys walking, listening to music and gardening.

David Garmon-Jones

Green Committee

David Jennings

Another very busy month in the clubhouse.

The Frankie Valli Tribute Night on Saturday 18th was BRILLIANT!

A full house danced the night away to one of the best artists you will ever see or hear anywhere.

The Captain was in good form on the night, as this video shows.

The incoming Social Committee, made up of Penny Grocott Mason, Tim Cray and Iain and Jackie Duncan, ably assisted by Elaine Mayes from the office, can now look forward to working on The Quiz Night on Saturday 13th November, The Turkey Trot on Saturday 4th December and The Children's Christmas Party on Saturday 11th December.

All of these events, including all details, will be advertised well in advance.

As will the 2 Sunday Christmas Lunches on the 12th and 19th December.

The sign-up sheet for the Captain's Drive In Lunch on Sunday 10th October is now on the main notice board.

This is your opportunity to support our incoming Captain, Nick Cray, on his special day.

If you would like me to put your name down for this lunch, please email me on and I will be happy to do so.

It would be great if all of the festive events were sold out, especially after the miserable Christmas we all endured last year.

In closing, I would like to thank the outgoing Social Committee of Sue Goodliffe and Sue Overall for their great work over the past years.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

David Jennings

Chris' Corner

Having played very little golf this summer, I've had 2 golf trips in September, the first one was with the Portuguesers, as our usual trip to the Algarve in March was cancelled, we ended up in Nottinghamshire for 4 days.

We played at Lindrick and Sherwood Forest, both good courses but Hollinwell was by far the best, we had 2 rounds there and as always it was great fun. Derry Brien was the star player (4th from the right) . Hopefully he will defend his title in Portugal next year.

Here we are pictured on the first tee at Hollinwell.

My second trip was to Kent for 2 days with the Club Slingers. We had 27 holes at Princes on Tuesday and 36 holes at Littlestone on Wednesday.

It was great to get out and play some good links golf. We did a competition over the 2 days... all coming down to the last hole where Tim Whittaker birded the 63rd hole to tie Mike Sanders forcing a playoff. However Mike went on to win on the first play-off hole. 

Below is a picture of us all on the first tee at Littlestone.

I was reasonably pleased with how I played, considering the lack of playing... but you will see me chipping and putting a lot over the coming weeks. 

Adam recently played in his annual Pro - am competition at Harewood Downs coming 4th with a 71, and please... under no circumstances ask him about his putting. 

Tom also played in a competition recently at Lambourne securing a Top 10.

We have also got a Taylormade Demo Day approaching on the 12th of october from 11-4pm. Please email the shop to book a slot.

Chris and the Team

From the Juniors

Since Dianne’s last report in the niblick much has happened both on and off the course. I am sure I can speak on behalf of all at the club and the junior section to offer Dianne our condolences at the sudden passing of Brian. We are all thinking and here for you at this difficult time xx  

Since the success of the Luke Donald Salver the juniors went on to compete for the Hamilton Trophy which was won on countback by Nathan Baggett, from Harvey Dobson and Dan Butteriss in 3rd. All with net 67’s.

Harveys form continued into the next competition, the Thomas Trophy, with a fine second place and a consistent 36, only to be “pipped” by the ever improving Fraser Creighton who romped home with 42 points.  Up next came the Wilton Shield which was won convincingly by Beth Gilmour with a fantastic net 65. Beth was taking a leaf out of Harveys book when she followed up with another impressive round to win the last stableford competition of the month with 39 points, just pipping Lena West on 38 point’s. A great run of form from Beth.  

With the summer becoming a distant memory we are now sadly moving into the winter months, but there are still plenty of opportunities to play competitive golf with dates coming up in October on 3rd, 25th and 29th all stableford competitions. It would be a warm and welcome sight to have a good uptake on these, so please make every effort to put your names down to play.  

In the meantime keep swinging, keep practicing and above all enjoy yourselves.  

Ian Boardman

Toms Top Tips

Trophy Roll of Honour

Click here to see all the Winners for the Trophy Competitions

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