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New Members

We welcome the following new Member to Beaconsfield: 

Sam Braybrook

We hope that you have a long and happy membership.

From the Captain

Whilst the pandemic continues to disrupt day to day life the recent restrictions have ironically given us the chance to allow 6 individuals from different households to sit together inside the clubhouse. As a consequence the members’ bar and upstairs space have been re-opened although members will be acutely aware that they must wear a mask unless seated at a table and must not move between tables. Hopefully this will encourage members to continue to make use of the bar and restaurant as the days get colder.

Congratulations to our newest member Sam Braybrook who holed in one on the 16th on the 11th September. Sam hit a 4 iron from the black tee.   Two days later George Johnstone playing in the Lewis Pawle Cup achieved the same on the 11th hitting a 7 iron again from the black tee. Playing partners on both occasions included Neil Meldrum. I must say that I played with Neil on the 26th and felt very aggrieved that the magic did not rub off!

I have my spies, one of Carl Banner’s playing partners (someone very close to me) in the September medal witnessed a remarkable back nine. Carl had six 3’s and three 4’s playing 7 under gross and unluckily lipped out for what would have been eagles on 15 and 17. Test your skills on the web site and look at his round!

The Team Championship on the 31st August proved to be another very popular and successful event with the usual 8 teams taking part. The winning team on count back was the 1st team just pipping the juniors by virtue of the 6th team member’s score.  The more observant might notice that the 1st team included 3 of last years winning junior team (missing from the photograph below are: Mike Sanders, Ed Hucker and Mark Alghita)

1st Team -  Team Champions 2020
Bradley Hucker, Andy Codling, Mike Lawson, Tim Whittaker, Ben Quick, Kian Bains

The new tee stones will be delivered shortly and Stuart and his team will be installing these over the coming weeks. There has been a lot of member interest in terms of the destiny of the old stones and to give everyone the same opportunity we are currently exploring the feasibility of auctioning the 54 stones. By the time they have been decommissioned some will probably not be in tip top condition and so the plan is to share photographs of all the stones prior to them being auctioned. It is proposed that the proceeds be shared between the club and the captains’ charity.

Several members have spoken to me about club diaries over recent weeks (don’t worry they are in production) and I was slightly surprised that some members did not realise how easy it is to source other members’ phone numbers and email addresses. For those unsure simply click on the link 'Directory' at the top of the page and type in the name.

Finally on the same subject members are encouraged to put their photographs on the club website. This is fairly simple to do: Go to Mygolf/preferences, then on the right hand side, click in the box, and upload a suitable image. ​​

Steve Lynch

From The Ladies Captain

In a normal year I would be writing about how much I have enjoyed my year as Captain, but this is not a normal year. On the other hand we as a club should feel very pleased to have such a great course and club house to enjoy at this time. I will now look forward to the future with hopefully an improving situation and hoping that next year we might get back to normality.

Our Autumn meeting took place without our normal Greensomes competition. A field of nearly 90 ladies took part, Sue Mears winning division one with a score of 38 points and division two was won by Jenny Mouncer with a score of 37 points. The Benson bowl, awarded to the highest scoring grandmother registered to play, was won by Janie Kebbell.

A very enjoyable match was played by 16 ladies and artisans. The weather was great and the  ladies  were very appreciative when  treated to  sandwiches and chips by  the Artisans. The winners of the event were Sue Davies and Stuart Smith with a great score of 44 points.

Next year we hope that we can go back to the ladies having a home match with the Artisans in April and away to the Artisans in September.

After a long delay the final of the Olive Cripwell knockout competition took place with Leslie Roberts coming out the victor.

I am taking 36 ladies to Goring and Streatley next week so here’s hoping for a dry day.

Barbara Harwood

Ladies Get into Golf scheme

COVID 19 caused a bit of a problem for our wonderful Get into Golf scheme this year as we were due to start in April and the course was closed.  However, we have managed to run a shortened Get into Golf scheme and have 18 ladies taking part. There are 3 groups of 6 ladies and they have group lessons with Adam or Chris, some individual lessons, there was coffee and a putting competition in September and in October they will be venturing out on to the course.  

We hope to run the scheme properly in 2021 and already have people on the waiting list. If members know of anyone who might be interested please get in touch with  Liz Smythson at the golf club office  01494 674565 or

Teresa Pender and Sue Puttergill 

Membership Waiting List Opens

The registration window for membership applications for gentlemen will open on Monday 12 October and close on Friday 16 October.

During that week Proposers or Seconders may register the applicant’s name with the office. Reference applicants should register in person in the office. Application packs can be emailed upon request.

Completed application packs need to be returned to the office by Monday 16 November.

Proposers and Seconders must be current voting members for a minimum of 3 years and have known the applicant for at least 3 years.

Applicants while not necessarily having a current club membership or CONGU handicap must be able to demonstrate solid previous club membership and a playing ability of handicap 24 or below.

If you have any questions about the process please call Katie.

A few reminders on tee time bookings

  • Members are reminded that the same playing guest can only visit the club 6 times in any calendar year. This is regardless of which member signs them in.
  • Only book for the number of people in your group. This will mean tee slots are available for other members to join you.
  • It is important to add/amend your playing partners names on the tee sheet asap and definitely before the day for test and trace purposes.
  • PLEASE cancel your tee time as soon as you know you cannot play.

In the Golf Bag...... World Handicapping System

We are now only a month away from the World Handicapping System, so here are some more answers to questions that people have been asking.

You will also see that there is a direct link to the WHS page from your Home page on the BGC website under Welcome to Beaconsfield Golf Club.  We are adding new information as it arrives to the WHS page.

Q             When will I get my new handicap?

A             We are hoping that everyone will be able to see their new Handicap Index in late October.

Q             I have looked at the Course Handicap tables and given that my current handicap is 11.5, I can see that under WHS I will get 14 shots from the black tees and 13 shots from the blue tees.  Is this correct?

A             Maybe and maybe not.  The Course Handicap Tables converts a Handicap Index to a Course Handicap.  Until you know your Handicap Index, you cannot do this conversion.  Most people will find that their Handicap Index will be lower than their current Congu handicap, but once they have calculated their Course Handicap, this might be one or two higher, and maybe more for higher handicappers.

Q             How many shots do I get when I go out to play?

A             When you play, decide on which tees you are going to use.  You may have a choice, or the competition may specify which tees to use.  Using your Handicap Index, look up to determine your Course Handicap for the tees to be used.  You can use the lookup tables posted around the clubhouse, or a new England Golf App, or the IG Member App.

Note: Your Course Handicap is the handicap that you use wherever you used to use your old Congu handicap.

Q             I have seen that I only get 95% of handicap in a medal, is this right?

A             For RESULTS purposes in singles competitions, a Playing Handicap is used which is 95% of your Course Handicap.  However this is just for the competition results, for handicap calculations your Course Handicap is used, so I suggest you ignore your Playing Handicap for singles competitions and play to your Course Handicap.  It just means that your results on the leaderboard might be slightly worse than you thought.

Q             Which Handicap do I have to put on my scorecard?

A             You MUST put your Course Handicap on the scorecard to satisfy the rules of golf.  There is space for your Handicap Index and also Playing Handicap, but these are not mandatory.  You should also tick which tees you have used.  If a competition only allows play from one set of tees, then there is no need to tick the tees used, but if you submit a score in General Play or in a competition where there is a choice of tees, you MUST indicate the tees used.

Janet Beal



The meeting is a chance for members to find out more  about the WHS that is coming on the 2nd November and  to ask questions about how it affects them.

This is limited to the first 100 attendees.

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Don’t worry if you are unable to join the webinar  we will be holding another on 20th October at 7.30 pm


Following one of the busiest playing summers the club has ever seen, the greens team will now move their focus towards preparing the golf course for the autumn/winter period. Cutting heights will be raised to allow the sward to thicken in preparation for the colder, wetter and shorter days. The summer greens height of cut (hoc) of 2.75mm will gradually rise to 4.5mm with light applications of sand to keep the putting surfaces smooth. This raise will be consistent throughout the tees, fairways and approaches.

During the main playing season, all of the closely mown areas are foliar fed with liquid fertilizers every 2-3 weeks, offering more consistency and control over the growth. As we head into a tough period for the grass with less sunlight, reduced temperatures and increased rainfall, all of the surfaces will be granular fertilised. This will maximise the grass growth to increase its chances of survival. These feeds will be extended to walk ways, path ends and tee banks.

Aeration work will begin to increase the oxygen around the plants roots. This in turn will improve the surface drainage and open up channels for the water to move more freely through to the pipe drainage and soakaways.

Lastly all of the high traffic areas and pinch points will need to be managed to maximise the health of the turf for as long as we possibly can. Posts will be used to direct golf but every player can help by walking on the outside of the greenside bunkers and generally looking to walk on the cleaner grass, avoiding the ‘racing lines’ which will soon become muddy. A coarse/sharp sand will be top dressed onto these high traffic areas to continue the dilution of the wet clay moving towards a drier, firmer profile. It will help the grass quality, if anyone who can carry their bag or use a half set of clubs does so.

Autumn Greens Maintenance 20th/21st October

The greens will be deep spiked with a 12mm tine to a depth of 200mm to aerate the lower profile and increase the movement of water. This will be followed by a smaller spike with an 8mm tine to a depth of 75mm to increase the amount of holes and restore the putting surface. Finally the greens will be over seeded with creeping bent grass and top dressed. The increased winter hoc’s will allow more room for the seed to grow as we look to reduce the amount of annual meadow grass and increase the amount of bent. Temporary greens will be used over these two days.

Click here for the rainfall breakdown

Stuart Langhorn

David Jennings

As we approach autumn and winter we are working hard to make the clubhouse environment attractive for members and their guests.

The members bar is now open for use, as is the downstairs lounge and upstairs dining room.

All areas will have heating on and fires will also be on.

Every Sunday we will be serving our very popular roast lunch, but I would ask members to please book as far in advance as possible to assist with staffing levels.

To reserve a table please phone the kitchen on 01494 678180.

In late November the ladies will be decorating the clubhouse for the festive season, which should lift all of our spirits.

The very latest Government rules state that all food and drinks should be ordered by table service only.

This will mean extra staffing, but I would ask all members to please be aware that service could be a little slower than normal.

Also the wearing of masks for both staff and members is now mandatory inside the clubhouse.

The rule of 6 applies at all times and members should not mingle with other groups.

It appears that we will be enduring the current restrictions for 6 months at least, so we all have to accept the new reality and make the best of the situation.

I hope to see you soon.

David Jennings

Updates from The Golf and Comps committee


We have received a number of requests for allocated times for the diarised roll-ups and have now agreed to allocate these roll-ups pre-allocated times away from the prime 9.00 times.  As these groups are already playing anyway, this change does not increase the general pressure on tee times and will hopefully please both those wishing to play in roll-ups and those trying to book early morning tee times. 

As a result of discussions with the roll-up organisers, we will implement the following:

Mondays (Ladies roll-up): 11.00-11.30  (Organisers: Beverley Collins and Lynda Cornwell)

Tuesdays (Seniors): 11.00-11.50  (Organiser: Kevin Murphy)

Fridays (Seniors): 10.30-11.20  (Organiser: John Norton)

Saturdays (Club):  No pre-allocated times  (Organiser: Nigel Young)

As we do not feel able to pre-allocate the tee at 9.00 to the Saturday roll-up, and that roll-up’s members tend to like to play early, that roll-up will continue with its current arrangements for booking.

No doubt we will have to refine the arrangements over time but our intention is that these roll-ups will open for sign-ups on the booking system on a first come first served basis at 9am two weeks in advance, that the organiser will arrange to draw the groups more than seven days in advance, allocate the tee times and release any slots not required in time for the seven day general tee booking opening.  If oversubscribed, then those left out can go on a reserve list or be allocated to a group to organise their own tee time. 

If you wish to join the Saturday roll-up, please contact Nigel Young and if you have any queries about the other roll-ups, please contact the relevant organiser.

17 October

We were planning to hold a club 4BBB on 17 October but given the socialising restrictions have decided not to proceed with that idea.  As we are putting that morning back to general play, we will, for that morning, extend the 2-ball slots to 10am and encourage those playing in the Bloomfield to play one of their foursomes matches that morning.

New cards and tee markers

The transition to the new cards and tee markers seems to have gone fairly smoothly.  The new tee stones will be installed over a number of weeks because of the work that this involves.   

Nick Cray and Sue Schmidt

Updates from the Clubhouse

Welcome to my last House Committee report. It’s sure been an eventful third year and somewhat busier than the first two put together! Everything seems to have come together well regarding perimeter security with the gate installed and operational (all the thanks here should go to Michael Lawson) along with the remaining fencing work apart from a few loose ends that are being attended to. You will see that we have a nice new gate and fence onto the station platform. This is much more robust than the wooden one and looks good as well. It has the same locking mechanism as the previous gate and the same code. If you want to know the code please ask the office or the pro shop. All the cameras are operational and they can be viewed by the office, pro shop and Stuart. Some members have asked if any of these cameras will be accessible on the website and the answer is no, at least not at the moment. We have an option to add an additional camera that looks on to the first tee (and this could be made available via the website) and this will be considered over the next few months for installation in 2021.

The House Committee has worked hard behind the scenes preparing new policies and procedures that are Covid-secure. As we are now using our mobile phones for the various booking options we have updated this policy too!

"Mobile Phones should be used only in the car park for voice activity. On the course and in & around the clubhouse they should always be on silent mode and can be used for non voice activities only. Mobile phones may be used in the event of a medical or security incident."

While things with Covid means much remains uncertain we have endeavored to return to some degree of normal House Committee activity.  We have reviewed the ongoing list of clubhouse maintenance requirements and will be undertaking a number of upgrades/repairs including some further window replacements (i.e. those on the main staircase).  

The extended patio (on to the grass) has been a great success and received universal approval. Some members have asked if the actual patio will be extended on a more permanent basis. In the short term the Covid guidelines/regulations will determine how we approach outside seating arrangements. But any permanent change will continue to be considered as part of the long term planning of club facilities. The wooden furniture is also beginning to show signs of coming to the end of their useful life and replacement of these will be looked at during 2021.

Thank you for all your support particularly during the last 12 months and I will leave Chair of House responsibilities now in the very capable hands of Roger Taylor.

Simon Mouncer

Future developments for the Clubhouse

With a popular golf course comes a popular clubhouse! Unfortunately old buildings need frequent maintenance and a recent review has shown that some of our clubhouse facilities including our kitchen will soon fail to meet our requirements. As any refurbishment will be expensive, the Board has asked the House Committee to consider any clubhouse reconfigurations that might be necessary to improve both our overall dining experience and other aspects of the clubhouse. Having engaged in the prescribed informal process with the Chiltern Planning Department it has become apparent, given the status and significance of Beaconsfield Golf Club, that they may be supportive of appropriate and modest clubhouse developments and some additional parking facilities. This is all at a very preliminary stage and the Board has yet to consider any specific proposals.

We will of course keep you informed of our thoughts as they become clearer.   

Roger Taylor 

House Committee


News from the Juniors

We welcome four more juniors to our section:- Hannah & John Brisbourne and Sienna & Lexi Lewis. We wish them all a long and happy membership at Beaconsfield.

The annual Beaconsfield Team Championship was rescheduled to August Bank Holiday Monday and as always, it turned out to be a great social event. The weather was good, which meant the ‘rolling lunch’ was enjoyed safely outside. The format this year was 5 out of 9 stableford scores to count in each Team and with some superb scoring across all the sections, the result came down to a tie between the First Team and the Junior Team who were tied on 183 points. The 6th score was then added, and the First Team were declared well deserved champions by 2 points. Roll on next year!!

Our Junior Open -The Luke Donald Salver had to be abandoned due to torrential rain, but fortunately we were able to reschedule to Wednesday 2nd September. Most of the original competitors were able to return, as were our ball-spotters, so we thank them all for their invaluable help again that day.

The winner of Luke’s Salver was 16-year-old Anna Molloy (H/C 4) from Sandy Lodge with a gross score of 70, with scratch player Ben McFadden from Castle Royle one shot back on 71. In the nett competition the winner was Joe Getley (5) from Harewood Downs with 69, with our junior Thomas Creighton (9) in 2nd place on 71, on count back from Harvey Dobson (6) from Wexham Park.

On 5th September we held our annual Adult and Junior event, when our juniors can invite a parent or friend to play with them in a pairs better-ball competition. Thirteen pairs entered that day and for fun, everyone played from the new gold tees. The scoring was interesting and at the end of the afternoon, we ended up with 3 pairs tied on a remarkable 50 points. The count-back was exciting, because the 3 back 9s were equal, then the 3 back 6s were equal, so it went to the very last hole!! The winners were Ben & Adam Munton, runners-up were Mark & Senan Conway and in 3rd place were Gerard & Mark O’Keeffe. Thank you to everyone who took part in this fun competition.

The juniors only have 6 more stableford competitions until the end of the year and because the April and May competitions had to be cancelled, we have decided to keep the Junior Order of Merit (JOOM) open until the end of October. We also had to cancel all the Chiltern League matches this year, but we will be holding the annual ‘Team Trophy’, which will be hosted by Beaconsfield on Wednesday 28th October. The format is individual stableford, with 3 juniors from each of the 8 local clubs in the League, competing to win the best aggregate ‘Team’ stableford score over 18 holes.

Our Junior Captain James Casserly and Tom Bell are loving their first season in the USA and I will ask them both to write an article for our next newsletter. We look forward to hearing about their adventures when they return home at the beginning of December for the Christmas holiday.

The final event this year, will be the Junior Annual Meeting, when all the junior prize-winners are presented with their trophies. We have moved the date from Sunday 2nd November to Sunday 6th December and hope that we may be allowed to hold a small junior prize-giving in the dining room.

Happy Golfing Everyone!

Dianne Regan

Trophy Roll Of Honour

Click here to see all the Winners for the Trophy Competitions

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