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October 2023

From the Captain

Thank you to the many members who have wished me luck as my year as Captain begins. It is a great honour to be Captain of Beaconsfield Golf Club and a big thanks to all those who came to witness my Drive-in, the first time that the Captain & Ladies' Captain have undertaken our Drive-in on the same day, at the same time and off the same tee. I hope this is repeated in future, particularly as Sue Goodliffe, the Ladies Captain was polite enough not to out drive me!

Congratulations to Roger Connor for winning the bottle of champagne by predicting where my drive would finish. Nobody actually measured my drive, so let’s just all agree that it was 265yds right down the middle!

Our joint Captains charity is Carers Bucks, a fabulous local charity provides financial information and pastoral support for those caring for family members throughout Buckinghamshire. I’m very appreciative to members for their kind generosity at the Captain’s Drive-in and lunch when we raised our first £570. 

I would like to add my thanks to our previous Captain, Ian and the Ladies Captain, Regitta for their efforts over the last year. I very much look forward to working with our new Vice Captain, Dave Booker and Ladies Captain, Sue, along with the new members of The Board, Garrett Cotter and Tim Cray, in what promises to be a busy year for the club.

Finally, I’m also looking forward to playing plenty of golf over the coming year and if I can come close to replicating the albatross achieved this week by Ella Buttress with a 2 from the black tees on the 4th hole, I’ll be very happy!

Michael Lawson

Captain's Charity for 2023/2024

From the Ladies Captain

I would like to say how touched I am by the many cards and messages of support I have received from all sections of the club. I was delighted to welcome the President and incoming Board members to join the ladies for drinks after the annual meeting, which was very well received by all.

The first event of the year was the Captain's drive-in followed by a delicious lunch in the dining room. This was great fun, and hopefully a joint drive-in will become a new BGC tradition. Mike Lawson and I have both chosen to support Carers Bucks as our charity and our drive in raised £570 with Rosa Lewis winning my bottle champagne.

Pink was the colour of the day for the Breast Cancer Awareness Stableford on 26th October. Pink balloons, tutus, and wigs in many shades of pink were seen on the course and around the clubhouse.  The prize for best costume goes to Bronwen Collins who was dressed head to toe in fuchsia pink. Mary Coleman who played the entire round in pink velour gloves and tutu wins second prize.

 Bronwen Collins and Mary Coleman looking fabulous in Pink

Thank you to all the ladies for making a great effort to dress up. A total of £550 was raised for the Breast Cancer Now charity. 

I’m really looking forward to a fun filled year ahead.

Sue Goodliffe

Ladies' Captain's Charity for 2023/2024

Pace of Play Guidance 

Following a change to the R&A guidelines regarding priority on the golf course, we thought it would be useful to remind members of this guidance and to ask members to adhere to it.


Unless otherwise determined by the Committee, priority on the course is determined by a group’s pace of play. Any group playing a whole round is entitled to pass a group playing a shorter round. The term “group” includes a single player. It should be remembered that consideration should be shown to others on the course at all times.


The basic advice in this regard is that if a group keeps up with the group in front, the players in that group will rarely be accused of slow play. Players should always be looking forward to ensure that they are maintaining a good position in relation to the group in front, for example, making sure that they do not have an empty par 4 hole in between them. If ground has been lost on the group in front, then all of the players in the group should take responsibility for making up that ground as quickly as possible.

It is inevitable that there will be holes that take longer to play than would normally be the case, either due to bad play or some other delay, but the key is for the all the players in that group to ensure that the group gets back into position promptly.


If a group cannot keep its position on the course for whatever reason, and is delaying the group behind, then it should invite the group behind to play through so that group can play at the pace it is capable of.

Scenario 1 :

If you are a 4 ball keeping up with the group in front and there are a number of 3 or 4 balls playing ahead, you don’t have to give way to a faster 2 ball behind.

Scenario 2 :

If you are a 4 ball and there are no groups in front of you, then it would be good etiquette to let a faster 1 or 2 ball group behind you to play through

David Booker

Chairman of the Golf & Competitions Committee

In The Golf Bag.....winter Golf

Preferred Lies

Preferred Lies are now in operation.  This allows you to lift, clean and replace a ball when you are on the fairway or green fringes.

You must REPLACE the ball by setting it down by hand and letting go – just rolling it over with a club is NOT acceptable.

The rules do not require you to mark the ball before lifting, but you do have to replace a ball within 6 inches of the original position not nearer the hole, so you may want to mark to make sure you are replacing within the correct relief area.

Once you have set down a ball, let go and the ball is at rest, then you CANNOT pick up the ball and move it again.  You can take another preferred lie once you have played the ball or taken relief.

If you are taking relief from a sprinkler head or temporary water, then you should take relief from the sprinkler head or water, and THEN take your preferred lie if the ball is on the fairway or fringe.

Temporary Water

You can take free relief from temporary water on the course, except in a penalty area.

In the general area, find the nearest point of complete relief and drop a ball within one club length (longest club in your bag).  The rules do not distinguish between fairway and rough, so you may get relief from rough onto the fairway, or from fairway into the rough – remember it is the NEAREST point of complete relief, not the nicest!

In a bunker, you must drop the ball in the bunker for free relief, but you have the option to take a one shot penalty and drop outside the bunker, going back on line from the location of the ball.

On the green, you also get relief for temporary water on your line of putt.  In this case you place a ball on the nearest point where the temporary water does not affect your line (this may not be on the green).

Embedded Ball

You can take free relief from an embedded ball anywhere in the general area.  The ball has to have broken the surface of the ground, not merely be in deep grass or mud.  If you are not sure, then mark the ball, lift it and check underneath.  If it is embedded, the you get relief within one club length from the location of the ball, not nearer the hole.  If you lift and find it was not embedded, then simply replace the ball where it was – you can’t clean the ball in this situation.

Ground Under Repair

There may be areas marked as GUR, so you are able to take free relief.  If an area is marked as GUR NO PLAY ZONE then you MUST take relief.

We also have an additional winter rule: In the general area, tractor ruts and damage caused by heavy equipment are Ground Under Repair (GUR), even if not so marked with white lines.  The player may take relief under Rule 16-1b.  This rule cannot be used to take relief if there are light indentations made by trolleys or buggies.

Janet Beal

Course Update & Rainfall 

The works to reinstate HS Colt’s original green-side bunker on the 11th have been successfully completed with the hole open for play. The newly turfed area will be ground under repair (GUR) to allow the turf to root with a drop zone located at the front of the approach. Balls can be retrieved from the area of GUR, but please take extra caution during wet weather when walking on the newly laid turf and try to use the ball scoops provided where possible. Please do not step on the edge of the bunker as this will be soft and prone to collapsing.

The mild weather and high levels of rainfall have made for good growing conditions for the grass. With this the team are consistently working hard keeping up with the right levels of maintenance the grass requires in these conditions. The team focus over the coming weeks will move to leaf clearance, as the temperatures begin to drop causing the leaves to fall. This will take around 10-12 weeks to clean up.

In the coming weeks the grass will naturally shut down for the winter ending its ability to recover. Any damage caused to the plant from machinery, footfall and trolley wheels is unlikely to repair until the spring. The small blue & white posts will help to spread this wear, reducing the damage to the grass and promoting better turf coverage on and around the greens. This will encourage firmer, cleaner and more consistent surfaces to play from. In recent years the springs have become colder and drier making recovery slower so it is essential that we maintain the best level of turf coverage we can throughout the colder months.

(Click on the image to view in full screen)

Stuart Langhorn

Course Director

Project Du Pré

We have now completed our review of the forecast costings supplied by the Quantity Surveyors and will be discussing the cost/benefits of the two schemes with the Board over the coming weeks. In tandem, the Board will also be considering the different potential funding options to enable us to be able to bring forward a final proposal to the membership.

In the interim, the plans to rebuild and extend the patio are almost complete with the final decisions regarding furniture to be made. We will share the final drawings and concept designs as soon as they become available.

In terms of the work itself, we will be seeking comparative quotes to build the patio which will also necessitate having to replace the rubberised path in front of and around the Clubhouse up to the first tee. This path is now already well beyond its expected life, it has been patched in numerous places and needs a long-term fix. Our goal is to have all this work completed for the start of Spring so we can enjoy the patio to the full as soon as the weather starts to warm up.

Richard Cottrell

Chairman of the House Committee

Social Events

Current events open for entry are: Ticket Booking can be found under the management tab or the online diary.

‘Body in the Bunker’ Murder Mystery dinner – Saturday 11 November is now open for entry online – Come along and enjoy a 3 course meal whilst investigating a murder!  Guests are most welcome to attend.  Tickets are £45.00pp and are selling fast so book asap to avoid disappointment!  

NEW Event - Movie Night – Tuesday 28 November - The next movie night is showing The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (a comedy drama) in the Members’ Bar staring Jim Broadbent & Penelope Wilton.  This is the story of retiree Harold Fry and his wife Maureen who live side by side listlessly. Then Harold gets a letter from ex-colleague Queenie, who is 500 miles away dying of cancer. A punk girl at a gas station tells Harold that if you believe, cancer can be stopped. Harold impulsively sets out to save Queenie, leading to a pilgrimage on which he becomes a temporary media star and people join him. The evening will include Popcorn and an optional hearty bowl of minestrone soup with a crusty roll served from 6.15pm. The tickets are available to purchase through the online diary and are priced at: Movie & Popcorn - £4.00pp Movie, Popcorn & Soup - £9.00pp.

Children’s Christmas Party – Saturday 9 December - Tickets for the Children's Christmas Party are now available to book online, please book your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Bring the children to be entertained by Mr Marvel’s Magical Fun Show featuring a mixture of magic, Punch & Judy, a live rabbit and balloon modelling followed by a disco with flashing lights, party games and bubble and snow machines followed by a visit from Father Christmas! Free face-painting by Elaine will also be available.  Cost: £21 per child -Age 3-7yrs (must be accompanied) includes Food & Drink, Entertainment & a Christmas Present from Father Christmas. Under 3yrs old are also welcome to attend (must be accompanied). Cost: £14.00 per child (£21.00 if they required food & drink). Stollen Bites, Mince Pies & Mulled Wine will be available free of charge for adults attending.  

Future events scheduled for your diary for 2023/2024 are:      

•             Turkey Trot – Saturday 2 December - will open for entry 3 November

•             Christmas Lunches – Sunday 10 & 17 December – will open for entry 3 November

•             NEW Event Wednesday Supper Club – Thai Buffet - Wednesday 24 January

•             Supper & Bingo night – Friday 2 February 2024

•             The 2024 Quiz Night – Saturday 9 March 2024   

The Social Committee

Chris' Corner

I hope you are well and enjoying your golf.

As the weather sets in for winter it is time for the winter clothes to arrive! We have all of our warm weather gear from Adidas, Under Armour, and Glenmuir. We have plenty of stock, so it's time to refresh your winter wardrobe!

Ladies and gentlemen of Beaconsfield Golf Club, please do not scratch your eyes, what you are seeing is not deceiving you. We managed to get out earlier this week to play some golf the 3 of us, accompanied by another Tom (Tommy) Evans, as if one wasn't enough already! Some good shots, some bad ones too, but very pleasant to get out on what was a lovely evening. What would you call a group of professionals?

With the colder weather comes more layers! This results in a slower swing and less mobility during the motion, do yourself a favour and take an extra club when you're layered up!

The studio is a lovely warm spot for lessons throughout the cold season, why not book in with one of us to get a plan in place to get you sorted for next season, you know where to find us!

Thanks all, see you soon.

Chris, Adam and Tom

Clubhouse News

You have probably seen earlier emails confirming that over the next few weeks, the repairs to the front car park will be completed. In addition, it is planned to finish the cleaning of two fireplaces in the downstairs main Club room… just in time for the winter.

On the catering front, I am pleased to confirm that from Oct 29th, we are extending the kitchen hours to 0800-1700 through the winter months. As such, you will be able to get hot food from first thing to late in the afternoon.   If you would like something from the kitchen before the waitressing team arrive then, just ring the bell and the chef will take your order.

Looking forward, we are currently working with an external Food and Beverage consultant to help us redefine and organise our Catering offer for the future. We want to reflect the tenets of quality, consistency, value and innovation in everything we do. We recognise there is some way to go but Katie and our two new permanent chefs have already started this process with the extended hours, a new menu plus daily specials. We will keep you fully appraised as this project progresses.

Richard Cottrell

Chairman of the House Committee

Tom's Top Tips

In The Golf Bag.....Crows on the Course

The crows have returned to the course and are up to their usual tricks of pinching golf balls.  This seems to be mainly on holes 6, 8, 9, 12 and 13.

Just a reminder of what to do if any ‘outside influence’ has moved or stolen your ball.  This covers any animals, birds or people who might have moved your ball.

Rule 9.6 says:

  • If it is known or virtually certain that a ball at rest has been lifted or moved by an outside influence, then there is no penalty, and the ball must be replaced on its original spot.

If you don’t know the exact spot, then you estimate the spot and still REPLACE the ball.  You are allowed to substitute another ball if the original ball is not immediately recoverable.

However, the key issue is that it must be ‘known or virtually certain’ (KVC) that the ball has been moved: 

  • If you or your playing partner see a crow take your ball, then it is KVC, and you can replace the ball.
  • If you or your playing partner have seen your ball AT REST after your stroke, but when you look again it has disappeared and you know there are crows around, then again it is KVC and you can replace the ball.
  • However, if you hit your ball and cannot see it once it has landed, but then you get to where you would expect the ball to be, it’s not there.  In this case it is not certain that the ball has been moved by a crow, for example the ball could have hit a tree or a sprinkler and bounced away.  If you find the ball, but not where you expected, you must play from where the ball lies and if you don’t find the ball you have to play under stroke and distance.

For the next few weeks it is a good idea for everyone in your group to keep a very careful watch when balls are hit, and also to look out for any crows that may be flying around with a beak full of Pro V1s.

Janet Beal

Trophy Roll Of Honour

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