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New Member

We welcome new members Josh Stanners and Jane Gilmour to Beaconsfield.

We hope that you have a long and happy membership.   

From the Captain

Photo Michael Ballard celebrating a hole in one on the 5th during a Bloomfield match.

Nick Cray  

From the Ladies Captain

Shortly after the October newsletter went to press, I was delighted to attend the Bucks County AGM and collect four trophies on behalf of Beaconsfield lady members. Firstly, congratulations to Ella Butteriss for winning the Silver Coronation Medal and to Ingrid Creighton for winning the Bronze Coronation Medal. Beaconsfield ladies also won the County Eclectic Cup again, plus the Cygnet Trophy in a tie with Chartridge Park.

Our annual Breast Cancer Awareness Days were both well attended with Claire Taylor winning the weekend competition and Christine Tyler and Margaret Mardall winning the silver and bronze divisions respectively on the Thursday. Thank you again to everyone who donated so generously to the charity resulting in over £850 being raised. The photos of all the wonderful outfits are still scrolling on the ladies’ page of the website in case you haven’t seen them!

Congratulations to other winners for the month who are Julie Cooper, 36 points (November 4th), Beth Gilmour, 33 points (November 7th), Evelyn Pegley 32 points (4 Clubs and putter, November 11th) and Mary Donegan, 37 points (Nov 18th). 

The last 2 years have not been so easy for our new members to integrate into the club so on November 6th we held a meeting at the clubhouse where all new members from the last 3 years were invited to meet up with the Ladies Committee and other ladies who help to organise teams, matches, competitions, bridge and flowers! It was well attended and provided a great opportunity to encourage the newer members to ask questions and to get involved in playing more friendly matches. We will try to repeat this in the spring to capture those ladies who were unable to attend this time.

Sadly, this month we said au revoir to Mandy Bartholomew who has relocated in Scotland. Mandy has made a huge contribution to the club during her membership, including her time as Ladies Captain and I know she will be missed by us all and we wish her and Iain well in their new adventure. There were many small groups of you who had your personal farewell lunches and gifts and the committee presented her with membership to Historic Scotland so she can remember us all as she explores the Country. It is not a complete goodbye though, as Mandy will retain her connections with the club and will hopefully be visiting for some golf again before too long.

On a positive note, Mandy’s move releases a space which has been offered to Jane Gilmour, who is well already connected in the club with both parents, husband and 2 daughters already high-profile members! A warm welcome to Jane.

Finally, the good news that the Board have approved the Land Art project. This will follow on from the ‘art on the course’ project that Lynda Cornwell initiated on an invitation day in Mandy’s captains’ year but on a larger scale with pieces being displayed throughout next summer. We hope to get as many people involved as possible and create works which can be exhibited discreetly around the course – more to follow.

Sue Schmidt

Beaconsfield Artisans' Centenary Year - 2022

Beaconsfield Artisans are proud to announce that 1st January 2022 marks the start of their Centenary Year. Our very existence for 100 years is thanks to the parent club, with which we have had a very long and mutually beneficial relationship.

This is because Beaconsfield Artisan Golf Club was established in 1922 following a Beaconsfield Golf Club committee meeting. We have the then Beaconsfield Club Captain, Major Paulet, to thank for putting forward the suggestion. The idea was” …to help the artisan inhabitants of Beaconsfield to take up the game of golf…”

In those times we were limited to fifteen members and were known as a “society” rather than as a club. The annual fee was one guinea (£1.05). Due to demand and its success, the numbers were soon allowed to increase and by 1936 we were 50 strong and have remained at that maximum permitted number to this day; and like the parent club we have a healthy waiting list of new members eager to join.

Our first (recorded) AGM was held in 1928 in Beaconsfield old town, at the Old Rectory, and they were held there right up until wartime. At the beginning, Beaconsfield Artisan GC had no premises of its own. The first building of any description we had was a hut. This was situated in the copse to the right of the 6th tee, close to the footpaths leading to Beaconsfield and Seer Green. The hut contained a few chairs around a table - just somewhere to hang a jacket and change shoes really. The “hut” was relocated in 1951 to a space between the 2nd hole tees and the railway bridge that leads to the 13th fairway. This had an electricity generator and survived until 1959 when a wooden bungalow from Seer Green was dismantled and erected at the site we currently occupy. The next major development was not until 1980 when it was extended using brickwork and a kitchen was built. This was done by the artisans themselves, with the parent club’s permission, and has since been further extended adding a ladies’ toilet and new changing rooms. The most recent improvement is a completely new bar, which many parent club members (men and ladies) have seen and benefitted from after the regular popular annual “Home & Away” matches that take place between the Ladies Section, The President’s Team and the Captain’s Team (the latter for the Lidgley Shield).

The parent club’s greenkeeping staff and clubhouse staff are all automatically members, allowing them to play golf during the times permitted. Steve Reed has been the artisans’ Club Secretary ever since 1990, having first joined the artisans in 1980, so it is rather fitting that Steve has been elected as Beaconsfield Artisan GC’s Club Captain for their Centenary Year.

Steve Reed 

Beaconsfield artisans take part in a minimum of 3 divotting Sessions each year as a condition of their membership and undertake other work on the course, which has included tree branch and undergrowth clearing, removing stones from bunkers and any other duties as requested by the Course Director.

There are several commemorative events planned for 2022 in association with the parent club; the main event being on Saturday 10th September 2022, when invited members from the parent club will join with invited artisan members from other local golf courses who Beaconsfield play regularly in league and friendly matches home and away. The Official Centenary Dinner will be held that evening in the main clubhouse, which is where every year the artisans host their annual Presentation Dinner, when the dozens of trophies they play for throughout the previous 12 months are presented to the winners.

As Gordon Tuck said in his Beaconsfield Golf Club Centenary Book in 2002 “There has been a valued and special relationship between the two clubs at Beaconsfield, confirmed by the continued participation in inter-club matches and functions. It is a relationship that endures to the benefit of both clubs.”

These sentiments are very much reciprocated by the artisans who count it an honour and a privilege to have had such a strong 100-year association come 2022, when we will follow the parent club in celebrating a centenary year, albeit 20 years later!

Mark Austin

Member and Past Captain

Beaconsfield Artisans

In The Golf Bag........Some Reminders about WHS

No Returns

Even when you are having a bad round in a competition, you must still submit your card with the actual score on every hole where you had a score less than nett double bogey.  If you submit a card with NR on every hole, this is considered to be manipulating your handicap, as you are artificially increasing your actual score for the round, and you may be subject to a penalty score.

General Play Scores

Remember that everyone can submit as many General Play scores as they wish.  This is a great way to make sure that your handicap reflects your current playing ability, as it does not rely on being able to play in competitions.

To submit a General Play (GP) score, you MUST register BEFORE you go out to play – you can’t just play and then decide to submit the card for handicap.  The score must also be validated by another person.  There are three ways to submit a GP score:

  • Use the IG App (can be used if you are submitting a GP score at Beaconsfield)
  • Use the My EG App (can be used if you are submitting a GP score at any course in England)
  • Submit a scorecard

If you are using one of the Apps, you register on the App before starting, and then enter your score on the App once you have finished.  If you are using the IG App, you still need to return a signed scorecard for validation.  If you are using the MyEG App, validation of the score is done by your marker on their own copy of the MyEG App.

If you are using a scorecard, you need to register with the Pro Shop before starting and then return your scorecard once you have played.  If you are playing at another club, you need to get your scorecard countersigned by the Pro Shop or office at the other club, and then return your signed card to the office at Beaconsfield.

If you are viewing the Club's website on your phone don't let the Personal Scorecard entry confuse you. This is purely for your own use, any cards entered will NOT count towards your handicap calculation.

Unsatisfied Scores

England Golf have noticed that there have been quite a lot of instances when a player registers for a GP score and then does not submitting the score – called an ‘unsatisfied score’.  Currently, all these have to be investigated by the club’s handicap committee, but from the end of November an automated process will be implemented:

  • If a player fails to submit a GP score, an automated reminder email will be sent to the player.  If they still fail to submit the score, a penalty score will be applied.
  • If the player provides the committee with a valid reason for an unsatisfied score, the automated penalty score can be stopped.
  • If a player deletes a GP score after it has been registered the player will have to provide a reason for the deletion and it is then up to the committee if they accept the reason or apply a penalty score.

Remember that if time is short and you are unable to complete your round, you should submit your GP score over fewer than 18 holes – just mark ‘not started’ on the holes you were not able to play.

For more information about the new unsatisfied score process, please see the England Golf Website:

Janet Beal

A converstaion with David Garmon-Jones and Tom Evans on the benefits of carrying a golf bag........

During the colder and wetter months of a British winter, are there benefits to carrying your clubs?

‘many golfers believe that carrying a golf bag is good for their health as you burn extra calories and improve cardiovascular health. The continuous lifting can also help to build upper body strength and endurance. Both are key for playing good golf.’

Can the Pro shop help with equipment e.g. carry bags, new shoes or new spikes/ studs for old shoes?

‘The shop has stock of lightweight carry bags, so if your bag is looking past its best, please pop by the shop and have a look!’

Would you advice using half a set of clubs? If so, what are the benefits?

‘Using half a set of clubs can help many golfers. We see it every year during the 3 clubs and a putter competition, some members play better with 4 clubs as opposed to 14! Playing with fewer clubs requires more thought and tests your skills. Golfers get a chance to try different ‘feel’ shots and gain great satisfaction and confidence from good shot making.’

What tips have you got for members when playing a 7 iron instead of an 8 iron?

‘When taking one club more than you may normally take, it is important to stress that the golfer should maintain proper upper and lower body rotation throughout the shot. This avoids not committing to the shot due to the shorter swing. If the body rotation becomes lazy during a shorter swing, then it is highly likely you will not hit a good shot.’

What about the other way round?

‘When taking a club less, you should aim to gain more forward shaft lean towards the target at the moment of impact, this will take loft off of the club and subsequently make the ball go further.’

Generally, would you advice taking one more club? If so, why? 

‘I would sometimes advise taking a club extra, just so you don’t have to make an erratic swing and try and force the ball to get to the intended target. Most of the time this will result in an off strike, and you are likely to come up short. So, if you are long of your target at least you gave it a chance to go in and remember, much of the trouble at BGC is at the front of the green.’

Are there any other technical things members could try during the winter?

‘Members who want to get better at golf should be taking regular lessons and practice with intent during their range and short game sessions. It is important to focus on the technical side of their game when on the range… not the course!’

What advice do you have for putting during the winter when greens are slower?

‘During winter, the greens become slower and more golfers struggle with their putting. Putting during the winter is all about having the correct tempo. Members should look to have 1 swing speed for all putts and lengthen/shorten their stroke depending on the distance of the putt.’

David Garmon-Jones

Greens Committee

It is wonderful to see so many members carrying their bags.
Here are Sally James, John Williams, and David Abbott

Course and Rainfall update

An extremely dry November is providing some excellent weather for leaf clearance out on the course which looks to be on track for completion by Christmas. The deep fairway aeration was carried out within the scheduled 2 weeks so thank you to everyone who played around the machine allowing it to continue. Out on the course the team has been busy putting the course to bed for the winter through fertilizing, sanding and aeration to ensure the surfaces remain firm and dry. Traffic management will be essential in reducing the long term damage to the ground and will ensure better playing conditions throughout the colder/wetter months.

The majority of the works down on the 10th tees are complete with 4 new tee tops including a new back tee that are all aligned with the fairway. A number of maintenance issues have been resolved during the construction with the removal of a long path that regularly washed away during heavy rainfall. The grading of a very steep tee bank and sleeper steps that required hand cutting. New drainage and irrigation has also been installed to ensure the area performs all year round. As the turf begins to root a path will be constructed to the left of the 9th green which will link up with a new contoured natural grass path that will run along the right hand side of the 10th Tees. 

Click here for the rainfall breakdown


Meeting Callum Keogh

Callum is a relative newcomer to BGC but is an experienced green keeper. His first experience was in a placement year at Stoke Park in 2012 whilst at Bournemouth Uni. He returned there in 2013 for another year and a half. He then moved to Flackwell Heath for 14 months and had two good stints at The Lambourne club interspersed by 2 years at Sunningdale.

Callum enjoys being outdoors, ‘I love nature and hopefully giving a standard of work which enhances a golfer’s experience at Beaconsfield.’

His day starts early with a coffee and a chat amongst the team, morning duties then start in earnest.

When I ask what aspects of his job he enjoys most, Callum says ‘I always like cutting new pin positions and setting the course up. This is an important aspect of the job. Then, I look forward to a nice lunch with the lads. After that it is either cutting fairways or in the summer strimming areas to keep them tidy.’

Callium likes our par 3 7th hole best due to its picturesque layout. ‘It also has an extremely challenging green offering a lot of fun pin positions.’ I like Callum’s use of the word fun there (I recently 4 putted that green!).

Callum always likes his discussions with members. ‘Sometimes members try to guess what we’re doing and it’s nice when golfers are inquisitive and ask questions. I am always happy to answer these questions’.

Callum has acquired great knowledge and skills over the years and is rightly proud when he was asked to be the team leader for the bunker crew at The Senior Open at Sunningdale in July.

Outside of work, Callum enjoys playing golf. He also loves music, photography, meeting up with friends, eating good food and going to watch the mighty Arsenal FC.

David Garmon-Jones

Greens Chairman

David Jennings

We had a very successful Quiz Night on Saturday 13th November, with a record amount of £1,670.00 raised for the Captain's and ladies Captain's charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

Congratulations go to Joan Murphy, Carol Isaac and their guests who finished top of the leader board.

Our annual Quiz Night has been the stand out social event of the year for the past 12 years and I cannot thank enough the wonderful team of Steve McAdam, June McAdam, Margaret Mardall and Sue Overall for their efforts.

As November draws to a close we are looking forward to the ladies decorating the clubhouse for the festive season and a reminder to members of our events in December.

We have the Children's Christmas Party on Saturday 11th, our first Sunday Christmas Lunch on 12th and our second Sunday Christmas Lunch on 19th.

We still have limited availability for the two Christmas lunches, so if you would like to attend either lunch please email me at and I will be happy to put your name down.

I hope you all have a very happy Christmas and New Year.

David Jennings

Chris' Corner

The Titleist ball offer is still running until the 6th of December, you can get free personalisation on the Prov1/x, AVX and Tourspeed. Minimum order is 1 dozen, the offer is only valid while stocks last so be quick!!

Winter Christmas Gifts!

Now with the weather getting much colder, it may be time to invest in some new winter gear.. we have stock of bobble hats, snoods, and new jumpers and waterproofs ready for any conditions! 

Lesson Vouchers!

Whether it's for a loved one... or someone you have seen struggle with their golf swing recently.. A lesson voucher is a great idea. All of us offer a 5 for 4 voucher, and these are a great idea for someone wanting to improve in time for the new season!

Taylormade Ball Offer

Taylormade are still running their 4 for 3 dozen ball offer on TP5/X, and Tour Response balls until the 7th of December. This is a great idea for those of you that need a little extra ammo! 

Chris and the Team

Toms Top Tips

Trophy Roll of Honour

Click here to see all the Winners for the Trophy Competitions

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