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From the Captain

The big re-start is only days away and many of you will have already had the chance to practice your speed tests - booking tee times! Hopefully setting your alarms for 0859 each morning will be a relatively short-lived chore as we gradually edge back to some normality.  I think it would be remiss of me not to thank all members for their patience and support. It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder so I guess that even a sliced drive into the trees on the first will be tolerable. To whet your appetites I would urge you all to view the spectacular drone footage put together by Gareth Davies, Chair of Green.  

The membership committee has spent a considerable amount of time in recent weeks reviewing applications from candidates to join the men’s section. Unsurprisingly the club was overwhelmed with excellent applications and we had to take some extremely difficult decisions in order to bring the numbers down to something manageable.

For the first time in living memory we have a waiting list for junior membership and again difficult decisions have been forced upon us. The board is anxious to accommodate members’ children and grandchildren as a priority and so as far as possible some spaces have been left to accommodate these young aspiring golfers.

To complete the picture the club does have a few vacancies for lady members but plenty of potential members in the ladies Get into Golf scheme.

One very important recent addition to the course is the installation of defibrillators on the 7th and 11th tees - hopefully they will not be needed. By way of a reminder there is currently a defibrillator in the clubhouse kitchen.

Finally the Golf and Competitions committee has been busy re-jigging the diary so please don’t rely on the hard copy diary when making plans to play.

I look forward to seeing many of you over the coming weeks.

Steve Lynch

From the Ladies Captain

The long awaited return to golf is about to happen. I am sure, like myself, you are ready to tee off and play the course. The ladies competitions will start with a medal on Sunday the 18th of April. Hopefully, by then you will have had a chance to play some friendly golf. Providing we have no further lockdowns we should have a full calendar of golf in the coming year. I am looking forward to playing with many of you as my diary for the year is empty. See you all on the golf course.

Barbara Harwood

Restart 3 is imminent!

Thanks to Katie, the booking system opened at 9am on the 22nd for the third restart of golf on 29th March.  The first day’s bookings filled fast, but that was no surprise.

There was a slight hitch with the booking system for the practice facilities (a system glitch and not Katie’s fault!) but that was soon remedied.

The roadmap to normality

Based on the latest government announcements, we set out our own high-level roadmap back to normality in last month’s Niblick.

We did have some feedback and are making one change in respect of weekend play.  With the objective of ensuring that those who are working could play at weekends we had said “We are asking everyone only to make 1 booking each weekend and for those who can play in the week to avoid weekends altogether if possible.”  We had some feedback from those working full time that they would now only be able to play once a week and so we are changing the weekend rule to:

We are asking those who can play in the week to avoid weekends play if possible but certainly not to play more than once at a weekend.  For the avoidance of doubt, we mean Saturdays and Sundays only for this purpose.

Katie has produced the following very helpful summary of the roadmap back to normality:

Click here for a printable/full screen version

Updated golf diary

We have reviewed the diary for the summer, and as reported plan to hold most if not all of the competitions that are scheduled from 17th April onwards.  The online diary has been updated to reflect the changes made to competition dates, which are relatively small in number. 

The major changes are that Captain’s Day has moved back from 5th June to 4th September and the Team Championship has moved from 2nd April to 17th July so that we can more likely socialise and celebrate those major events properly.  We have also decided to combine the Men’s Invitation Day and Seniors’ Invitation Day into a single event for 2021 on Friday 20th August.

Nick Cray & Sue Schmidt

Tom's Top Tips

Safe Golf

As part of our affiliation with England Golf we are required to gain the ‘Safe Golf’ accreditation and this in turn means we have to have a nominated Club Welfare Officer (CWO). I have experience working with schools so when the Club contacted me a few months ago to ask if I would consider becoming the CWO for Beaconsfied, I was happy to support the club in this role.

In preparation for taking on the role I have attended (remotely!) two training courses that are required by England Golf as well as having an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check carried out.

I suppose when we think about our golf club, one aspect we may not necessarily think we would need to consider is safeguarding, we are in the club to enjoy our leisure time, make new friends, socialise etc. However, every institution, be it a workplace, an educational setting or a leisure or sporting venue, has a duty to keep those that work at, and attend, the institution safe, it has to be the key priority.

My role will be to support Katie and her team to ensure we are fully compliant in terms of policy and good practice and to be a point of contact, both internally and with members and outside agencies, should the need arise.

The latest policies are within the ‘management’ tab on the website plus the public facing part of the club website so they are accessible to everyone, including club staff and visitors.

 My contact details are;

 07437 563340

In the Golf Bag....

Can you remember how to work out your handicap?

WHS was implemented on 2nd November, but we’ve hardly had a chance to play golf since then, so I thought we all needed a reminder on how to work out how to calculate what handicap to use when we return to play on 29th March.  We have all seen our new Handicap Index, but this is just the starting value for calculating a handicap used when playing.

The first thing is to decide which tees you are going to use.  This might be specified in the competition rules, or you may have a choice.  We have four sets of tees at Beaconsfield: Black, Blue, Gold and Green.

Once you have decided on the tee you are going to use, then work out your Course Handicap, which may be different for each set of tees.  There are charts outside the locker rooms, so just find your Handicap Index on the chart and look across to find your Course Handicap for the tees you are using.  You can also use the IG App or the MyEG App on your phone or go to My Golf/My Rounds on the web site.

You then need to work out your Playing Handicap, which will be a percentage of your Course Handicap and depends on the format you are playing, for example singles matchplay, fourball stableford.

There is a list of Playing Handicap Allowances on the WHS page of the club web site, and each competition will have these allowances shown in the terms of the competition.  Your Playing Handicap will be shown on the IG App if the competition is being run by the system, or you may have to work it out manually.

Here is an example for 4 ball better ball matchplay, which I know is a very popular social format of golf.

Archie, Bert, Colin and Dudley are playing a friendly match.  They decide to use the Blue tees and know that the Playing Handicap for 4BBB matchplay is 90%, so they each work out their Course Handicap and Playing Handicap:

Name Handicap Index Course Handicap from Blue Tees Playing Handicap for 4BBB Matchplay
Archie 12.1 14 13
Bert 17.4 20 18
Colin 8.9 10 9
Dudley 18.9 22 20

In the match, each player gets the difference between his Playing Handicap and Colin’s Playing Handicap, as he has the lowest Playing Handicap.

Hopefully we will all get used to the new system very quickly once we start playing again.  There is more information on the WHS page of the BGC website.

Janet Beal



As winter has drawn to a close for this year, it has been another busy one out on the golf course with many more areas improved. Some of which will be noticeable on your return to golf, such as the new 6th and 16th holes, but also plenty of renovations to smaller areas of the course that failed during our wettest month ever recorded in October 2020. The areas where the flooding occurred were drained to remove water, re-contoured to divert the water and some left open in the surrounding roughs to catch water, preventing it reaching the lowest points. All in all the winter was a very successful period with many projects completed.


Over the last month the Greens Team have moved their attention to renovating the playing surfaces which has been extremely hard work, but made a little easier with no golf! Every cylinder cut surface has been aerated, scarified, spiked and seeded as we look to produce the best surfaces the club has ever seen. During the renovations the team have used 140 tonnes of sand, 2 tonnes of fertiliser and over a tonne of grass seed, now all requiring some warm, spring rain to bring the course to life. The next two weeks will be focused on restoring the playing surfaces by increasing the cutting frequency and giving the course a full spring clean with everything topped, trimmed, picked up and cleaned.

Buggies & Trolleys 

These will be allowed on your return to golf but I would ask anyone who can carry their bags to please do so as it’s still very early in the season with cold nights and very little grass growth for recovery.

Winter Rules will remain in place into April & we ask golfers to use their own discretion if they find themselves in an area that might be considered GUR to take the nearest point of relief under  Rule 16-1b  

Practice Facilities

We are still operating under covid restrictions so please remember to bring your own buckets to collect the balls.

Click here for the rainfall breakdown

Stuart Langhorn

Introducing John Shelton

Many of you will know John; he is our gregarious Assistant Greenkeeper. You may have had chats with this highly engaging colleague. He is that wonderful combination, an interesting AND interested individual. That quality is not surprising when you learn that this father of two (and new grandfather) started his career as a butcher, before embarking on a diverse 30-year career at Kodak. John joined us in 2017, bringing considerable experience to our club.

John’s passion for life shone through in our conversation. He loves Beaconsfield GC and is proud of our England’s Top 100 golf course. He has a particular soft spot for the 1st and 6th holes, because ‘both require a good drive to get home in two. Pushing or pulling your drive leaves you needing a positional recovery and a battle to save par, bogey or worse!’

Like all his colleagues, John knows the course well through his work on the bunkers, tees, paths and greens. He also clears the practice range balls, cleans them, and then places the balls neatly in the practice baskets. If you would like to get to know John better, then spending more time practicing would be a good idea!

John really enjoys working with his friends and colleagues, they make up a tightly knit and highly motivated team. He is immensely proud of this team and is delighted to have got to grips with new equipment, such as the triple mowers to cut the greens. Expertise with this technology helps him strive for the highest standards of greenkeeping. He is always delighted to hear positive feedback from members when they compliment the team on an excellent job.

John is a family man and in his spare time enjoys golf, cycling and photography. He also has a cultural side through his interest in theatre and the National Trust. John’s ability to tell a story might be influenced by his love for Disney, so be prepared to be entertained when you next see him.

David Garmon-Jones

Green Committee

David Jennings

We are delighted to be back, albeit not fully operational, but better  than nothing.

From Monday 29th March till Sunday 11th April:

we will be providing a  take away service consisting of all hot beverages, freshly prepared  sandwiches and baguettes, including bacon and sausages.

Our trading hours for this period will be 8am till 3pm.

Members are reminded that there are no bins on the course and all rubbish is to be taken home.

From Monday 12th April: Al fresco dining!

we will be offering a full bar and catering  service.

Table service will be outside only and the rule of 6 will apply.

We will be reverting to our normal trading hours from 12th of April which is 10.00am till 6.00pm catering and 11.30 to 7.30 pm bar.

From Monday 17th May:

service will be provided both inside and outside,  once again the rule of 6 will apply.

From Monday 21st June:  there will be no restrictions on numbers.

All of the above scenarios will only be the case if the government  guidelines are as presently  predicted.

From Monday 29th March the toilets in both locker rooms will be open from 7am, as will the on-course toilet facilities.

Please continue to change your shoes in the car park until 12th April when we are able to open the locker rooms fully. (Date to open the showers is unknown at present).

Members who store their buggies and trolleys will be able to use these facilities from 29th March but members must take personal responsibility and be mindful of the health and safety of other members and staff.  

We will be operating within strict COVID procedures at all times. We have sought to minimise the risks to members using the Clubhouse.  If you are in a vulnerable category, as defined by the UK government, you must make your own risk assessment before using the Clubhouse.

I look forward to seeing you from 29th of March.

David Jennings

Chris' Corner 

New Ping 425 Clubs In Stock Soon!!

News from the Juniors & Young Members

Looking back at our report last March, we had just received the dreadful news about Coronavirus, and had entered our first lockdown. A year on and we have at last been given hope that we can end the lockdowns and see brighter days ahead.

Spring has arrived, and we have so much to look forward to – warmer weather, longer days and getting back to playing golf again on our wonderful golf course. Everyone will be excited about playing the new bunker layouts on the 6th and 16th holes, which look very inviting while we have been walking the course.

On 1st April, fourteen of our juniors who have reached the age of 18, will transfer to the Intermediate Section of the club. We would like to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to them for their commitment to our Junior Section and wish them all the best of luck or the future: -

Max Arnold, Carl Banner, Marcus Beaumont, Tom Bell, Freya Conway, Angus Creighton, Tom Davies, Ellie Farwell, George Johnson, Daisy Kennedy, Mark O’Keeffe, Jack Pearson, Ben Suter, and Harry Tuck. We hope they have all enjoyed their time as junior members and have made many new life-long friends. They are always welcome to play with the juniors, especially as the tee times for all junior fixtures, are officially open for intermediates to enter as qualifying events, with results shown as a separate division.

Club competitions will commence on Saturday 17th April and the first junior stableford will be Saturday 24th April (1.30pm-2.30pm). Juniors and intermediates will be able to sign up on-line 14 days before the competition date and tee times will be allocated 7 days prior to the competition. Any unused slots will be released for general play.

The golf calendar is exceptionally busy, but we have managed to keep most of the stableford competitions and all the trophy events. The full Junior fixture list is now available on the junior page of our website, but please check the website, for any changes.

The Chiltern Junior Golf League matches will be going ahead, and the schedule of fixtures will be confirmed as soon as the dates have been agreed with our opposing clubs.

During the next few weeks, we will be welcoming new juniors to the section and we are hoping to organise some fun events during the school holidays, so they can meet the rest of the juniors and the Committee. Our Junior Captain Tommy Evans and Vice-Captain Thomas Creighton are also planning to hold some exciting after-school practice sessions for the juniors, so watch out for more news next month. Our PGA Professional Tom Evans will be writing next month’s newsletter, which will include dates for the free junior group lessons.

Happy Easter to everyone and enjoy getting back to golf!! 

Dianne Regan

Trophy Roll of Honour

Click here to see all the Winners for the Trophy Competitions

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