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We welcome the following new Members to Beaconsfield: 

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From The Captain

Nick Cray

From the Ladies Captain

Sue Schmidt

Course Update and Rainfall 

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Stuart Langhorn

Greenkeeping Team preparing for the Brabazon Qualifier

Greenkeeper Callum is a dad!

Clubhouse Development

Roger Taylor 

Chairman of the House Committee  

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The Social Committee

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Chris, Adam and Tom 

Tom's Top Tips

From the Juniors and Younger members

Dianne Regan

In The Golf Bag...... Unplayable Ball

I’ve talked about the unplayable ball option before, but it does seem to come up fairly regularly, so here are some reminders about what you can and can’t do:

Q             When can I declare my ball unplayable?

A             Anywhere on the course except in a penalty area.

Q             I wanted to take an unplayable, but my playing companion said that the ball was perfectly playable, can I still take an unplayable ball?

A             Yes – it is up to YOU to decide if the ball is unplayable.  Unplayable means that YOU would rather take a penalty drop than play the ball from where it lies.  It could be in a patch of nettles and you don’t want to get stung, or it could be in long grass and you are not strong enough to hit it out.

Q             Can I use the unplayable ball rule to drop out of a bunker?

A             Yes, but your options are limited and it might cost you a 2 shot penalty.

Q             Do I need to retrieve my original ball and drop the same ball?

A             NO – whenever you are taking penalty relief you can use another ball if you prefer.

Q             What happens if my ball is in animal dung, do I get a free drop?

A             NO, sorry animal dung is ‘normal’ on a golf course.  Your choice is to play the ball as it lies (messy?) or to declare the ball unplayable and use a clean ball.

There are normally 3 options for an unplayable ball, which I will call A, B and C.  Each of these options costs you a ONE STROKE penalty.  If your ball is in a bunker, there is an additional option D.

Option A              Play Again from where the previous stroke was made.  If this was the tee, then you can tee up a ball, if it was on the green you place a ball and if it was elsewhere, you drop in a relief area that is one club length from where your previous stroke was made (estimated location).  This one club length relief area means that you may be able to get a better lie than for your original stroke.

Option B              Go Back on line keeping the location of the ball between you and the hole and drop in a relief area that is one club length from a point on the line.  If your ball is in a bunker, you must drop in the bunker.

Option C              Take 2 Club lengths from the location of the ball, not nearer the hole.  If your ball is in a bunker, you must drop in the bunker.

Option D              Go back on line, the same as option B, but OUTSIDE the bunker.  This option costs you a TWO STROKE penalty instead of the standard one stroke.

You can only use options B, C and D IF YOU KNOW THE LOCATION OF YOUR BALL.  For example if you go over the ridge on the 6th but cannot see your ball in the long grass, your only option is option A - go back to where you last played.  If your ball is on the steep slope on the 11th, as long as you can see and identify your ball - for example you saw it land or you can see your markings, then you don’t have to go and get the ball but could use option B to go back on line as far as you like.

Janet Beal

Trophy Roll Of Honour

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