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New Members

We welcome the following new Members to Beaconsfield: 

Nigel Polglass, Rob Stewart, Greg McMahon and Tim Southwell-Sander

We hope that you have a long and happy membership.

From the Captain

The men’s competition season started in fine style. The June monthly medal attracted a record entry for any medal competition in living memory with 174 entrants. Happily, everyone who signed up to play was able to enter, although tee times were extended through to 5pm. Most competitors either got very wet or blown away by the strong winds, but despite this, there were some remarkable scores and congratulations to Freddie Bowcock who recorded a net 63 to win the event by 4 clear shots. The signs are that there will be very strong demand for places in future competitions and members can be assured the club will do its best to accommodate everyone interested in playing.

The course continues to be extremely busy with more than 90% of playing members having played at least once in the last fortnight. To help relieve some of the pressure, all inter club matches for the year have been cancelled and very few Society bookings remain in the calendar for August.

Members will be delighted to know that plans are being finalised to re-open the bar and restaurant services on the 4th July; full details will be communicated in the next couple of days. Inevitably, top priority is being given to the safety of our staff and members and I am sure that everyone will play their part to secure this objective. In any case the proposed arrangements will be reviewed very regularly by David and the House Committee.

Gemma gave a bunker master class when opening the new practice green on the 12th June. It is a wonderful new facility and a credit to Stuart and his team. I am sure few members need reminding that the whole practice area should be used appropriately and treated as part of the golf course. Damage must be repaired before each individual practice session finishes - I am afraid there are no "pitch-mark and divot repair fairies" in Beaconsfield!

I am delighted to see that the junior section continues to flourish with 16 new members joining in the last few weeks. I would like to add my welcome to them all. I would also like to wish good luck to James on Junior Captain’s day on the 11th July - let’s hope the sun shines.

I have enjoyed talking to so many of you on the course in recent weeks and look forward even more to seeing some of you in the bar!

Finally, so many members have said to me what an outstanding job has been done to get golf back and running so smoothly. I have said it before, but feel I must again record our sincere thanks to the members of the G&CC; those who have covered the marshalling duties so diligently, and finally Katie who continues to work tirelessly.

Happy golfing

Steve Lynch

From The Ladies Captain

We have now resumed playing golf on Thursdays starting with a non-qualifying Stableford. The competition was reduced to 10 holes due to the excessive heat. The ladies entered their scores using the IG app and I think all will agree that it was a very painless experience. Competition golf starts next week with the first round of the Helen Brown teapot and Artisans cup.

We had three new ladies joining us this year so please all welcome them and I hope you will get to play with them during the summer.

Rowan Terry, Sally James and Jan Wilson look forward to joining in our competitions.

Since my last newsletter there have been four significant birthdays in the ladies section. Val Thackrah Hinde celebrated her 90th birthday and Marian Rigby, Dr Ann Young and Judy Gill all celebrated their 80th birthday. I hope they all had memorable birthdays.

The very successful raffle for the patchwork cottage produced by Judy Lucas raised £810 pounds for my charity. The lucky winner of the cottage being Marian Rigby who was delighted to win it in her birthday week.

During lock down Maureen Murphy has organised several of the ladies to produce face masks. These were then sold at £5 each and all the funds raised are going to my charity Rennie Grove Hospice. They have raised over £1000 for the charity. My thanks go to Sue Lynch, Rosemary Horridge and Ruth Lambert who made a significant number of the masks.

Next week I will be displaying all the flower photographs taken during lock down for judging by the lady members.

Let’s hope the weather is kind to us for the rest of the season.

Barbara Harwood

Update from the House Committee

The update from House is again focused on updating members about the work associated with the security of the perimeter.

The palisade fencing is now complete down to our boundary behind the 5th tee. The gap on the footpath will remain until the kissing gate is fitted (the gate is on order). On entrance to the course (from the new kissing gate) some small runs of stock fencing and new hedging will be put in place to direct walkers away from the 4th and 5th holes ensuring they follow and keep to the recognised footpath. We will also add additional signage to help people more easily see the footpath route behind the 4th green.  

Work will shortly commence on the boundary along the left of the 5th hole which will be strengthened with the erection of new stock (wire/barbed wire) fence from behind the 5th tee (inside the new palisade fencing) up to the end of the public footpath by the entrance to the tunnel. Branches, cuttings etc will be placed to add further density around the fencing. We will also return the stock fencing a little way up the path (on the right side) that leads up to the back of the 5th green. This plus some signage will hopefully deter any walker incursion other than along the recognised public footpath.

After this work is completed, the palisade fencing behind the 10th green/11th tee will be erected along with a new, smaller, kissing gate at the Long Bottom Lane entry/exit by the 10th green. The fencing will be located well into the trees behind the 10th green so will hardly be visible, if at all, from the course. New stock fencing has already been erected along Long Bottom Lane from the 10th footpath entry/exit to the Seer Green station footpath. 

Then attention will turn to Farm Lane/18th hole which is quite a long length of perimeter at around 650m. A number of conversations have taken place with the owner of Wheatsheaf Farm and with Stuart and subject to a couple of final conversations we have a route and solution that should meet all parties requirements. As you can see gate preparations are in hand and we will ensure that the fencing along Farm Lane fully ties in with this. Additionally there will be close boarded fencing and hedging on the right hand bank (as you approach the gate driving into the course). In our discussions with the owner of Wheatsheaf Farm we have agreed that there is a need to fence off the area to the left of the farm entry gate as this remains very simple for bikers etc to access. 

In terms of other areas:

- where required the palisades have now been lengthened behind our pond on the 15th, to prevent access under the fencing.

- the periodic breech beside the 16th tee (i.e. adjoining Inland Homes/MOD fencing) is being monitored. The latest repair is still intact, and there has been no further breech in the last few weeks.

- Behind the 6th green Stuart has organised for further Hawthorn bushes to be planted in the gaps of the existing hedging. These are now planted. We will look to add a discreet wooden fence on the Golf Cottage road side to add further resilience.

- Stuart is also getting quotes for hedging that we will need at various other places around the course e.g. behind 4th tee.

- the gate and fence on to the station platform will be replaced with a 2m high black wrought iron fence and gate (this will retain a number coded lock). The wooden structure is no longer fit for purpose.

Finally we have been looking at options for additional CCTV and are awaiting a formal quote/proposal for additional cameras to cover entrance/exits at the 5th tee and 10th green. These combined with the recently installed entry gate cameras and the existing CCTV around the clubhouse/car park will provide further protection. 

I have received a few comments and questions, so thank you for these. Some questions have been in relation to how the gate will operate in terms of entry/exit process, codes, out of hours etc. Michael Lawson will in due course issue a detailed communication to members covering all these points. 

We remain on track to complete all the fencing and gate work by end August. possibly a little before. Meanwhile if any member has anything they want to raise/discuss in relation to the above, including concerns about any part of the perimeter that you feel is not covered by the current schedule of works, please feel free to contact me.

Simon Mouncer

In the Golf Bag...... Pace of Play

In the current situation, the course is very busy.  We have been asked to keep a safe distance from the group in front and keep pace to avoid the next group catching up, so it is very important for all groups to maintain a good pace of play.
If each member of a 4 ball can save 20 seconds per hole, that equates to 24 minutes in a round of golf, which is the difference between a 3h 40 round, which is reasonable for a social 4 ball, and a round that takes over 4 hours, which I think most of us would say is far too slow.
I don’t think I know of any golfers who would admit they are slow players, but here are a few tips to help us all maintain a good pace of play.
Ready Golf

The rules now actively encourage Ready Golf in strokeplay.  Ready Golf is playing out of turn in a safe and responsible way.  Examples are:

  • Hitting a tee shot if the person with the honour is delayed in being ready to play
  • Shorter hitters playing first from the tee or fairway if longer hitters have to wait
  • Hitting a shot when safe to do so if a player farther away faces a challenging shot and is taking time to assess their options
  • Hitting a shot before helping someone to look for a lost ball
  • Putting out when you only have a short putt left
  • Ready Golf is NOT used in Match Play.

Other ways to speed up play

  • On the tee, the first player should tee off straight away and mark their card AFTER teeing off
  • Watch the flight of the ball for everyone in your group to reduce time spent searching for balls
  • If there is any doubt whether you will find your ball, play a provisional
  • Prepare in advance for your next stroke and be ready to play when it is your turn
  • When you reach the green, take your clubs round to where you will walk off to the next tee - you should never have to walk back to get your clubs after putting out
  • Read your putt while your playing partners are also preparing to putt
  • Clear the green as soon as all players have putted out

Quick Note on the Local Rules

There have been a couple of queries on the additional local rules which we have implemented.

  • Preferred Lies In Bunkers – CONGU have specified the details of this rule, so we cannot change the distance or allow smoothing of the sand before placing the ball
  • General Penalty – the general penalty is 2 shots in strokeplay and loss of hole in matchplay

Janet Beal


The change in weather conditions during June that saw more rainfall and cooler night time temperatures, has allowed the drought stressed turf to recover helping to move the course into top condition. The irrigation system performed well during the 72 day dry period, keeping the grass alive. However this was no substitute for natural rain, especially the thunder storms that are a great source of nitrogen for the grass. This has really helped the course to ‘green’ up.

The once unpredictable British weather that regularly saw rain and sunshine mixed has now entered a period of extremes which is definitely effecting the way myself and the team work. The course needs to be prepared for the wettest and driest weather it has ever encountered for longer periods of time. There are many ways that the team are working to combat this with upgrades to the irrigation system, new drainage, deeper rooting plants through aeration and the reviewing of how we construct new tees, paths and bunkers to divert large amounts of water. The way we maintain the course is changing every year but the team are embracing these changes as the course continues to improve.

Heading into competition season one of the focus points for the team will be to ensure all the fine details around the course are up to the high standards we always strive to achieve. Mowing frequency will be increased to tighten the playing surfaces with fertilizer applications of nitrogen lowered to reduce flushes of growth. Pre growth regulators will be sprayed weekly which shorten the length of the grass plant, keeping the playing surfaces consistent throughout the day.

Now the course has been open for a few weeks it’s great to see so many of you out there playing and enjoying your golf. Please remember to check the green for pitch marks, exit the bunkers from the lowest point avoiding the faces and from what I have seen the most effective way to restore the bunker after play is to use the sole of your shoe.

Click here for the rainfall breakdown

Stuart Langhorn

Golf and Competitions Committee

Club Championship

Planning for the Club Championships on Saturday 18th July is well under way. Invitations to all men with a handicap of 10 or less have been sent out.  There are 48 places available, which will be allocated to those with the lowest exact handicaps.  There will be a reserve list which will also operate by handicap.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to make it a day for everyone to come and watch the club’s best golfers battle it out for the Club Championship this year.  As it is against the law to gather in groups of more than 30 people, we cannot have supporters, organise Amen Corner or even have a presentation ceremony with all of the players present.  Scoring will be taking place on the IG App and we will be able to make live scoring available through the club’s website.

For this year only, the ladies’ section has decided to hold the Ladies’ Club Championship later in the year and so it will just be the men competing on Saturday 18th July. 

Qualifying for the President’s Cup and BOOM

The qualifying criteria for 2020 are:

The top 10 finishers from the 2019 Presidents Cup.

The top 55 positions in Beaconsfield Order of Merit (BOOM) (net rather than gross) following completion of the Grange Cup on 22 August.

7 Presidents picks.

Should anyone qualify under more than one of the above criteria or places be available because qualifiers decline their invitation to play in the President’s Cup, places will be filled from the subsequent positions in the Beaconsfield Order of Merit.

Qualifiers tied on points in the Order of Merit will be selected by the drawing of lots by the competition organiser.

The above criteria mean that there will be six qualifying competitions for the 2020 President’s Cup: the Sir John Aird Cup, the Challenge Bowl, the Whitley-Jones Trophy, the Grange Cup, and the June and August medals. 

For each BOOM competition, 15 points are awarded to the winner, 14 to 2nd, 13 to 3rd; down to 1 point for 15th.  The BOOM points accumulate over the season to determine the Beaconsfield Order of Merit winner at the end of the year.  The Presidents Cup qualification criteria above take the BOOM position following the last BOOM competition before the Presidents Cup.  With 55 places up for grabs, gaining points in multiple competitions will obviously give members a good chance of qualifying for a place in the Presidents Cup.

At any point you can check your position in BOOM on the club's website via Competitions - Ongoing.  A full list of BOOM events is attached please click here..... 

David Jennings

It looks like this will be my last article from lockdown:  

We are REALLY looking forward to reopening and seeing you all again. We are putting a great deal of effort into planning and implementing both the Government and EGU guidelines when we reopen. Members will be receiving an email from the Captain detailing the way that things will operate.

Obviously, in the short term, there will be some significant changes, such as table service only for food and careful social distancing. I’m certain that if we all work together on this things will be fine.

Looking forward to seeing you from Saturday July 4th.

David Jennings   

The Luke Donald Short Game Area

On Friday 12th June, we were delighted to open for play, the final section of the Luke Donald Short Game Area. This facility is already very popular with members and is an exciting addition to the club’s practice facilities, offering members diverse terrain and multiple bunker options to practice ‘round the green’

We were also very pleased that Beaconsfield Golf Club member and LPGA tour professional, Gemma Dryburgh agreed to mark the opening by hitting the first bunker shots on the new facility. Gemma showed us all how it should be done and finished the session by holing her final bunker shot.  

Gemma hitting the first shots at the Luke Donald Short Game Area


Captain Steve Lynch, Ladies Captain Barbara Harwood and Gemma Dryburgh opening the new practice facility

News from the Juniors

The last few weeks have been extremely busy, with recruiting sixteen new junior members. The inductions have all been carried out through online ‘Zoom’ meetings, so we welcome them all to our Junior Section:- Max Arnold, Alfie Burt, Jamie Boardman, Ella Butteriss, Daniel Butteriss, Ben Coughlin, Crosby Burnett, Harvey Dobson, Matthew Heys, John Matthews, Dylan McLeish, Audrey Mortlock, James Stewart, Harry Taylor, Ben Wells and Billy Wood. We wish them all a long and happy membership at Beaconsfield.

All our members are making the most of playing golf during this lovely weather, especially our younger players. The competitions have just begun, with the first junior medal to be played on Sunday 5th July (The Wilton Shield). We have been fortunate with our junior fixtures because most of the trophy events had already been scheduled during the months of July and August, the normal school holidays. We lost 5 stableford competitions during March and April and one trophy competition (The Robertson Trophy), which has been rescheduled for Sunday 26th July. We will also be extending the Junior Order of Merit (JOOM) through to the end of October.

The biggest disappointment for our Junior Team, was the news that the Chiltern Junior Golf League had to be cancelled. Many of the matches were scheduled during April and May, so we had no alternative but to make the decision to cancel all remaining fixtures. We may decide to play a few friendly games with our local clubs and just ‘play and go’ without any kind of catering. We are still hoping to hold our annual Chiltern League Team Trophy event, which will be hosted by Beaconsfield this year on Wednesday 28th October.

Our Junior Captain’s Day is still scheduled for Saturday 11th July, but unfortunately this will be restricted due to the current regulations. James Casserly is planning the format for his day, but we are still discussing whether we can have any kind of catering or hold the usual chipping and putting ‘challenges’ which are usually set by our Professional staff.   

Our prestigious Junior Open ‘The Luke Donald Salver’ scheduled for Wednesday 19th August is still under review; we will notify the members once a decision has been made.

Finally, some good news, the Beaconsfield Team Championship has been rescheduled and will take place on Monday 31st August. This is always a great event, which brings together all the sections of the golf club, on this special day. The Junior Team are certainly ready to ‘Take up the Challenge’ of trying to win this popular event for the third successive year!!

Happy Golfing Everyone!

Dianne Regan

The British Red Cross

On 4th August 2020, the British Red Cross will be 150 years old. The original aim was to provide help to the sick and suffering in the time of war on a neutral and impartial basis.  Subsequently the aim has been to help in any crisis as well as providing essential services to the most vulnerable people in our communities.

During this current major crisis we have increased our assistance to people on discharge from local hospitals, supporting them at home until they regain independence.   We have delivered food and medical supplies to those who cannot leave home, established a hardship fund, in partnership with Aviva, for those struggling financially and launched the British Red Cross Coronavirus (Covid-19) free telephone helpline 0808 190 3651, which provides practical and emotional support on a confidential basis.  

We have been tackling loneliness for several years in partnership with the Co-op and this work is meeting an urgent need in this current crisis.  As part of a global humanitarian organisation, we continue to provide much needed support to asylum seekers and refugees, many of whom are destitute, and help to restore family links through a tracing service.

The men have designated the 5th and 8th August and the ladies have designated the 26th and 30th July, competitions to fund raise for this worthy cause. T he British Red Cross is most thankful for the support offered by  Beaconsfield Golf Club and wishes all members happy golfing.

Trophy Roll Of Honour

Click here to see all the Winners for the Trophy Competitions

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