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New Members

We welcome the following new Members to Beaconsfield: 

Jon Kinsey, Pete Churchill, Ian Grenfell, Mike Campbell, Gerard Nolan and Edward Cotter.

We hope that you have a long and happy membership.

From the Captain

This month has had two major highlights for me – Captain’s Day and 4 Rounds in a Day.

On Captain’s Day I spent 8 hours driving round in a buggy chatting to people and dispensing alcohol. At the end of the day I was absolutely shattered. On the last of the 4 Rounds in a Day, I saw 250 yard drives, ridiculous distances hit with all sorts of short irons and Ian Boardman turning cartwheels on the 10th fairway because he’d hit the green in 2 despite heavy betting by his “friends” that he would never make it. I’m sure they all must have been tired but there was little sign of it. I know they’re younger than me but nevertheless it is irritating!

What can I say about the “Great 8” who managed to play those 4 rounds in the Longest Day Challenge? They completed their last round comfortably ahead of their estimate of 9pm having started at 5am in the morning. Their first round was over in under 2½ hours and there was time for “rehydration!” between rounds. Robbie Christian scored a total of 147 stableford points, averaging over 36 points per round, Phil Kilgour hit 6 birdies and an eagle in the second round and each round featured a score of over 40 points by one or other of the players. I think they were fuelled by the knowledge that they had raised over £12500(including £2250 Gift Aid). An extraordinary feat matched by the efforts of all those involved. I know they will thank everyone in their own way but can I just say thank you to all those who donated to the 2 charities, Stand Up to Cancer and Prostate Cancer UK in such a generous way.

At 5 am Mike Sanders, Ian Boardman, David Booker, Phil Kilgour, Mark Drummond,
Robbie Christian, Gareth Davies, James Ellis

Please click here to see their short video 

I thoroughly enjoyed Captain’s Day and I hope all those who took part did too. There was a full field for both shotgun starts. By and large we got away with the weather despite the rain first thing in the morning. The wind made it a very difficult day on the course with the Standard Scratch going from 72 in the morning to 75 in the afternoon. The Pimms at the 7th hole seemed to divide the field with one half claiming it helped to oil the swing and the other half feeling that things got somewhat wobbly afterwards. It didn’t stop me having to go back for extra beers for the competitors on a regular basis though. There were lots of people at the BarBQ afterwards and if the level of chatter and laughter was a measure of enjoyment then all seemed to be well. My thanks to everyone who helped me on the day – it was very much appreciated. Congratulations to Stewart Carter – Roberts who won with 37 points on count back. Oh and nearly £2500 was raised for my charity – thank you all. I leave this subject with a picture of Messrs Leitch, Leitch and Beach in their rather tasteful outfits! 

Tom Leitch, Harry Leitch and Ben Beach

As well as his exploits on the Longest Day Challenge, Mike Sanders should be congratulated on winning the BB&O Mid Age Championship (over 25’s) at the Oxfordshire Golf Club. His two round total of 146 (+2) giving him a one shot victory. Click here to view full report

Also c ongratulations to Tim Whittaker who came 3rd in The English Seniors Amateur Championship in June against a high class international field at Holme Hall in Lincolnshire.  

For those of you who have yet to score a hole in one, my advice is to arrange a game with Chris Gildersleve. Roger Taylor and Howard Machin have both recently had 1’s on the 11th and I’m told that both had Chris as a playing partner.

Finally, some photographs. This one was taken at Seer Green station. Does anyone want to claim that it is their ball?

Bob Norwood took this shot at Pebble Beach. As he says it’s a photo of a BGC old boy who has done rather well for himself, taken by another old boy! 

Roger Clarke

From the Ladies Captain

The highlight of the month of June has to be my captain’s day. Blessed with fine weather, 100 ladies took to the course and enjoyed a shotgun team event. The course was set up beautifully by Stuart and his team and with the speed of the greens beginning to quicken, the ladies had a challenge on their hands! Sue Mears set up a pretty prize table, cakes were cut, the family were in place and play began.

Ten more ladies later joined us for a delicious tea and the dining room was buzzing. The flowers on the tables, done by Carol Isaac were beautiful.

The team of Gill Cunningham, Nicola Darrah, Penny Grocott-Mason and Ros Johnstone came in with an impressive 86 points to claim top spot.

The ladies’ section of BGC are incredibly kind and supportive, I had the best day!

The week before, we played our most prestigious nett competition, the Millennium Trophy. This year 34 ladies took the 36 hole challenge. Those not faring so well in the first round (myself included!) went out in the afternoon with nothing to lose, others had good scores to try and hang on to. It was not until our last group came in that we found our winner! Louise Corrin had a fantastic nett 72 second round to snatch the win from Teresa Pender by one shot. I have never seen anyone with such a grin, Louise was beyond pleased and rightly so. Well done. We were also delighted for Mandy Bartholomew who had a hole-in-one on the 7th.

For the vets ladies putting competition waterproofs were most definitely needed. As the rain drizzled down the conditions were not the nicest, but as we look back, knowing now what was to come, we consider ourselves lucky! The lovely lunch upstairs lifted our spirits and we all had a good catch up. I enjoyed talking to ladies I rarely see and hearing tales of past captains and golfing moments from way before I was a member. Our winner was Alison Webb with an impressive 32 putts.

Big golfing days continue to come thick and fast. 98 ladies will be playing in our first Invitation Day on Thursday, quickly followed by the Club Championships and home and away legs of the Bucks Shield knockout competition. With Buckingham our opponents, we are hoping to reverse last year’s result.

Those of you who follow Gemma Dryburgh on the LPGA tour will know what great golf she is playing. Gemma is a superb ambassador for our sport and always has time for everyone whilst at the club putting in hours of practice. We are looking forward to playing in the Gemma Dryburgh Stableford, competing for some wonderful prizes donated by her and other members of the club and benefiting from some top tips at her clinic and BBQ on 20th July.

Helen Morris



The greens are currently being cut at a height of 3 mm heading into the club championships with the target speed being 12 to 13 foot on the stimp meter.

To achieve this we have fertilised the greens 12 days out so that the surfaces are healthy but the feed should be starting to tail off going into the big day and reducing the volume of grass clippings. Growth regulators have been sprayed to slow down the speed at which the grass grows and offers a more consistent green speed across the whole day. 6 days out we will lightly groom the surface of the green in 2-3 directions to stand up and cut any longer irregular blades of grass then once these have all been removed we will stop using the out front brushes on each greens machine, drop the height of cut to 2.75mm and start double cutting the surface daily followed by a roll. The weather will play a big part in the final speed depending on how much rainfall we get. None means that’s we are fully in control of the surface moisture and obviously heavy thunder showers means it’s out of our hands but either way the team will provide a fast responsive surface.


The course is holding up well after the recent rainfall and many of the burnt out areas from last summer and are showing good signs of recovery. The worst hit carries will be scarified around the time that we do course renovations, then overseeded again before we have some guaranteed rainfall.

Please remember to repair yours and any other pitchmarks you see on the green.

Please remove the flag stick when retrieving your ball when putting with the flag stick in and as we head into the hotter weather try to take your golf trolleys on the outside of all greenside bunkers as the concentrated wear will damage the turf.

Click here for the rainfall breakdown

Stuart Langhorn

News from the Juniors

Congratulations to the following junior prize-winners:-

28th May  –   James Casserly  (4)  41pts     (Junior Stableford)

31st May   -   George Johnson (2)  39pts     (Junior Stableford)  

02nd June  -  Matt Bowen      (13)  Nett 68 (Men’s Monthly Medal)    

09th June -   Marcus Brown   (21)  41pts     (Junior Stableford)

15th June  -   Freya Conway   (18)  40pts     (The Robertson Trophy)

22nd June -   Ben Munton      (23)  39pts     (Junior Stableford)

A reminder to all the juniors (even those without a handicap) that they are very welcome to come along on all the junior competitions days and just play 9 holes at the back of the field. If there are enough who would like to play 9 holes, they can have a competition of their own and their cards will count towards gaining a handicap.  

The junior group lessons taken by Tom Evans, are being well supported by our younger members, so hopefully at the end of the sessions, they will feel more confident when Tom and two of our Committee Members, take them out on the course to play a few holes.

If any of our new junior members have not yet taken advantage of these lessons, please ‘sign up’ by contacting Tom in the Pro Shop.  

Our second Chiltern League match was played away at Gerrards Cross on 29th May and our Team of Tom Bell, Angus Creighton, Tommy Evans, Will Liddiard and Dan Orford, not only had to play in the most miserable wet conditions, they also had to give their opponents a total of 45 shots over the 5 games. Sadly we lost 3/2 but I wish to thank them all again, for putting up such a great fight!  

The next two months will be exceptionally busy, with the first big event being our Junior Captain’s Day on Saturday 13th July, starting at 12 noon. Ben Quick is currently deciding on the format for his ‘Special Day’ and a poster will be advertised shortly. We hope that all the juniors will come along and support Ben on this ‘fun’ day and we would particularly love to see the new juniors join in the games. During the afternoon, there will be a Team Competition, plus Chipping, Bunker & Putting Challenges – something for everyone to enjoy. Refreshments will be served at the end of the afternoon and parents and other family members will be most welcome to come along to the prize-giving.  

The Junior Championship (Tuesday 6th August) will now be played over 36 holes (as requested by the juniors) and in the event of a ‘tie’, there will be a ‘sudden death’ play-off  on the 18th hole. There are three trophies competed for that day, The Ling Trophy (the best scratch score), The Wisdom Salver (the best nett score) and The McIntosh Trophy (for the girl with the best nett score). No player may win more than one prize on the day.  

We are still recruiting for new junior members, so if there are any families who have children between the ages of 10 and 18, who are interested in playing golf, please contact the office staff, who will provide you with details regarding the application process.

Happy Golfing!

Chris' Corner 

There are a couple of events coming up in July and if you would like to take part please sign up in the shop.

Wednesday 17th July between 12 and 4pm 

Find out which balls you prefer to use.

ping demo day - Tuesday 23rd July


Captain & Professional Challenge

Are there 4 brave men out there who will take on the challenge of playing with me and the Captain on   21st July or 4th August at 9.15 am -   4BBB Match 90% H’cap allowance? Please sign-up on the notice board.

Chris and the Pro Shop Team

Mens' Dress Code

The dress regulations for the clubhouse have now been updated. Some aspects of the previous dress code were not applied and there was a need to bring some other parts more up to date. The rule regarding the wearing of jackets and ties in the Lounge after 7pm has not been applied for some time and has now been removed. In the Dining Room dress codes will continue to be set for particular functions and events, much as in the past, and so members will probably not notice much change. However the general rule is now that whilst jackets will be required in the Dining Room after 7pm, ties are optional. The club is keen to ensure that these dress standards are maintained and members and their guests are asked to familiarise themselves with the revised code which is displayed on the noticeboards and  here.......

Important - Help Required

We have been told that golf balls are flying over the hedge and into the garden at the back and to the left of the 6th green. The residents of the house are concerned that this could potentially be dangerous. We do need to find a solution to this but to do so it would be helpful to know why this happens. It would seem that there are a number of possible circumstances – misjudgement of full second shots into the green,” thinning” of shorter third shots, “thinning of bunker shots” or a combination of those and maybe other reasons. If you have witnessed a ball flying into the gardens adjacent to the 6th green would you please give the office a call and provide some indication of the circumstances. This is urgent so if you can help please do so in the next few days. In the meantime please be conscious of this problem when playing shots into that green.

In The Golf Bag.... Rules Of Golf And World Handicppaing System

It’s now almost 6 months since the new rules of golf were implemented, and I hope everyone is getting used to the changes.

The new drop from knee height seems to be causing some issues, but I’m sure this is just a matter of time.  Those of you who remember when you had to drop over your shoulder probably remember that the change took some time to become second nature.  However, do remember that if you drop from shoulder height and then realise your error before playing the ball, you can avoid a penalty by picking the ball up and dropping again from the correct height.

The other change that seems to be very popular is putting with the flag in the hole – I’m certainly a fan of this option.  The new ‘super slim’ flagsticks that Stuart has recently introduced makes it even more inviting to leave the flag in the hole but remember to remove the flag stick when retreiving the ball.

I was hoping to have some more details on the World Handicapping System, but these are still being finalised, however we have been told that the move to WHS for all English clubs will be November 1st 2020.  Other countries may have different dates for the move.

Rules Quiz

Ann and Beth are playing Carol and Dorothy in a foursomes match.  Ann and Carol tee off on the 1st hole.  After 12 holes the match is all square.  On the 13th hole, Beth and Carol tee off and the hole is won by Ann and Beth.  On the 14th hole, Ann and Dorothy tee off, and then Dorothy realises that Ann and Beth teed off in the wrong order on the 13th and 14th holes and asks for a ruling.  What is the match score?

This actually happened last week in an inter-county match, just the names have been changed.  Answer next month.

Trophy Roll Of Honour

Click here to see all the Winners for the Trophy Competitions

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