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New Members

We welcome the following new Members to Beaconsfield: 

Jan Wilson, Beth Gilmour, Olivia Lee, Kabir Hunjan, Scarlett Lockwood & Megan Lockwood.

We hope that you have a long and happy membership.

A note from the President

As members will be aware, Steve Lynch and Barbara Harwood have not been enjoying a normal Captaincy. I had hoped that the lockdown might end by early summer but it is now clear that life will not return to normal before the AGM when they would, in the normal course of events, be standing down. In the circumstances I will be proposing that Steve be elected for a second year of office when we hold our AGM in October. The Ladies Committee will similarly propose that Barbara be reappointed. Although several Lady Captains have served for two years, it will be the first time in the history of the club that a Club Captain has a second term of office.  I hope that their second year can be devoted to playing golf with members and enjoying the social aspects of Captaincy to the full.

Our Vice-Captains have kindly agreed to serve a second year of office. I am particularly grateful to them for changing their own plans, not least because they have been exceptionally busy due to their responsibilities on the Golf and Competitions Committee. We will benefit from their experience as we move to the new World Handicapping System. It will be another busy year for them.

Members have been very appreciative of Stuart Langhorn’s work improving the quality of the course. When he was appointed, the Board was determined to see significant improvements and we have been happy to allocate considerable sums to achieve this. When he first arrived, we had anticipated a need for a new Greenkeeper Compound. Stuart saved us a great deal by transforming the then rather Dickensian buildings into modern facilities at very modest cost.  The money has instead been invested in equipment, greens drainage and course improvements including the new tees and practice facilities. The latter are now the envy of most golf clubs. It is therefore appropriate to recognise Stuart’s achievements by changing his title to Course Director. Although Covid 19 might delay some of our plans, we remain ambitious to improve the course further. 

Graham Puttergill

From the Captain

July has been a most exciting month for the club. In addition to Gemma’s success in the Justin Rose events, Carl Banner and Ben Quick had outstanding performances in the 3 round Nick Faldo Series event held at Kedleston Park. Carl was the U18 and overall winner on -5 after a play off and Ben finished overall 3rd and won the U21 section. A fantastic performance by both boys and we wish them (and 5 of our other boys) good luck when they travel to Wales for the next NF series event in August.

The men’s club championship proved to be one of most extraordinary imaginable  producing the lowest winning aggregate score in the club’s history and a new course record. Ben Quick with a round of 70 led by 4 shots in the morning round. In the afternoon Louis Sanders played brilliantly to card a 64, beating Robbie Christian’s 2003 amateur course record of 65. Despite Louis' sterling efforts Ben was victorious by 2 shots with an afternoon round of 66 and an aggregate score of 136 (8 under par). Interestingly 6 of the top 8 places were taken by junior/intermediate members; it looks as though we can look forward to some very competitive championships in the years to come.

Ben Quick - The Club Champion 2020

Louis Sanders breaking the course record

Congratulations also to Graham Davies who in his morning round holed in one on the 5th and also to Brian Barton who “warmed the hole up” the previous evening with another ace.

We have been hearing this week that this has been the longest football season on record - and the same applies to the men’s winter foursomes competition. The  2019/20 Bloomfield  has also now finally been completed following its temporary suspension.  Congratulations go to Eddie Zhang and Neil Meldrum who overcame Russell Francis and Peter Sidenius  (also runners-up in the 2019/20 Senior's Winter League) in the final.  The match concluded on the 14th with Neil hitting an amazing 85 yard shot  stone dead from a bunker for a tap-in sandy birdie - and this following "awesome golf" from Eddie on the preceding holes!  Well done to the finalists - and also to all the other participants for getting this competition completed.

The ongoing restrictions continue to make things difficult for our professionals running the shop where masks are now a pre-requisite. I do hope this does not prove an impediment to members and hope everyone will continue to support Chris and his team in these difficult times. The same applies to our restaurant and bar services where the usual level of societies and matches have unsurprisingly reduced business significantly. As highlighted later in this newsletter David has registered for the government voucher scheme which means a dramatic drop in food and beverage prices on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in August. I am sure members will not hold back! Bar opening and closing times in August will be as normal except closing times on Saturdays and Sundays will be extended to 830pm.

As the days get shorter it becomes even more important that we make optimal use of the course. Unfortunately there have been numerous instances where there have been “no-shows” thus preventing other members from booking tee times. If you have to withdraw from a tee time please do it at once. No-shows are now being monitored.

Finally i am delighted with the initial member response to the charity team event on the 15th August. 34 teams have already entered but there are still plenty of spaces. To encourage more diverse entries there will be “category prizes”. If you do not have a full team then please enter partial teams and Katie will act as “marriage bureau”. Rennie Grove is a wonderful charity supporting local people. Details of silent auction lots and bidding arrangements will be announced shortly.

Steve Lynch

From The Ladies Captain

Before writing this months niblick I looked back at last year’s.

It was a reminder of the various events that we enjoyed during July, invitation day, Lady Captains day and the summer sizzler.

So let’s look forward to next year where all being well these events will be back on the calendar.

I am sure you are all pleased to be back playing competitive golf.

One player who has had a very successful month is Gemma Dryburgh.

Gemma has taken part in the Rose Ladies event put on by Justin Rose and his wife. Having won the third round in the series Gemma went on to win the fourth event in the Rose Ladies Series event with a 1-under 69, clipping England’s Charley Hull and Georgia Hall by one stroke.

Gemma will be playing in the her first Women’s British Open next month at Royal Troon. Surely hoisting a trophy at the first women’s professional event ever held at Royal St. George’s bodes well for her upcoming debut.

Gemma is now back in the states for back-to-back events on the LPGA tour. She’ll then travel back home to Scotland for two more events. We wish her all the luck for the rest of the season.

The votes are in for the best flower picture during lock down. The winner was Teresa Pender with her picture of a Rose from her garden.

Thank you all for taking part.

Events this coming month are:

Mixed event with the men’s seniors – 7th August 

Juniors event – 11th August –TBC

Seniors’ Plate and Walmsley Salver – 13th August – no tea. Prizes awarded at a later date.

Club Championship and Millennium Trophy – 20th August 

Challenge Trophy – 27th August – foursomes can go ahead under Janet Beal’s special rules.  The Daily Mail Foursomes event is not running this year.

Team Championships – rescheduled for 31st August bank holiday

Barbara Harwood

In the Golf Bag...... World Handicapping System

The World Handicapping System is being implemented on 2nd November, so just over 3 months before we move to the new system.  There is lots of education material provided by England Golf, which we will be rolling out to members, but I thought I would start by answering some of the questions that people seem to be asking.

  • If you don’t have 20 competition scores between 1st Jan 2018 and 1st Nov 2020, don’t worry, as your new WHS handicap index is calculated using the number of scores that you have in your record.  From 2nd Nov 2020, new scores will be added until you have 20 scores in total, and subsequently your handicap will be calculated on your last 20 scores.
  • Your initial Handicap Index will be based on your last 20 (or fewer) scores but remember that these scores will be ‘de-sloped’ for the calculation.  Because the slope rating at Beaconsfield is quite high, it’s quite likely that your Handicap Index may actually be lower than your current handicap.  It’s only people who have not played anywhere near their handicap who will find their Handicap Index going up more than a couple of shots.
  • Handicap Index (HI) is your ‘base’ handicap used for all calculations and is used for eligibility for competitions.  Handicap Index should be a measure of your current playing ability, irrespective of what course you are playing.
  • Course Handicap is how many shots you actually get depending on what course you are playing.  There will be Apps and Charts to calculate your Course Handicap whenever you play.  Here are some examples of Course Handicap for people playing at Beaconsfield:

Black Tees Blue Tees Gold Tees Green Tees
Man with HI 11.0 13.2 12.8 11.8 11.0
Lady with HI 17.0 n/a 22.1 21.3 19.7

  • Playing Handicap is the handicap allowance for a competition.  It is a percentage of Course Handicap: 95% for singles competition, 85% for four-ball competition, 100% for singles matchplay, 90% for four-ball match play.  Again, don’t worry if your maths isn’t great, as Playing Handicap will be calculated by Apps or by the system when you sign in to a competition.
  • Your Handicap Index is recalculated after each competition score.  Because it is based on an average of 8 scores, it’s unlikely that your HI will move more than 0.5 up or down, unless you have an exceptionally good score, or an exceptionally good score ‘drops off’ your record.  There is a ‘cap’ so your HI can’t go up too much if you have a particularly bad run of form for a few months.

New Local Rule

For those of you who like to play towards the clubhouse from the 18th hole, you may find the new gazebo outside the clubhouse is on your line of play.  We have implemented a new local rule giving relief from the gazebo as a 'Temporary Immovable Obstruction’.  For details of the new rules please clcik here.....

Janet Beal


Another highly successful course maintenance week comes to an end with the playing surfaces showing improved signs of recovery each day. The greens have been verti-drained to improve irrigation water infiltration, aerate the soil and encourage deeper rooting. Scarified in 2 separate directions to a depth of -8mm’s to remove excess organic matter (thatch) that has built up throughout the year from irrigation, fertilising and general maintenance. The organic matter levels are monitored by taking soil samples that are sent away for analysis. These samples can highlight any deficiencies within the green that can be amended through the fertiliser programme but more importantly the volume of thatch which is measured as a percentage and needs to be kept below 4%. Verti-cut to remove any lateral growth ahead of over-seeding with the crystal blue links bent grass that has been successfully used on the new Luke Donald green. The bent seeding will become a yearly event as we look to improve the consistency and blend of grasses across the putting surfaces. The bent grass is a lot more difficult to sow with an application rate of 4 grams per square meter at a depth of 6mm but has huge benefits of requiring less water, less fertiliser, has an increased disease tolerance and produces less organic matter. These works were followed up by a light 20 tonne top dressing of pure sand to restore the putting surface levels.

The tees and approaches were scarified with a larger machine to a depth of -12mm to remove a higher volume of thatch as we look to look to increase the firmness of the surfaces, bringing them in line with the greens. The aeration work was carried out with the Air2g2 machines which drive 3 large sold tines 12 inches into the ground before blasting high pressure air that shatters the sub soil. This work will improve drainage, irrigation infiltration and will encourage deeper rooting grass plants to combat long periods of drought. 50 tonnes of pure sand was top dressed on to surfaces and brushed into the scarification lines.

The next 7-10 days will involve fertilising, watering and an increased cutting regime to restore all of the playing surfaces.

Click here for the rainfall breakdown

Stuart Langhorn

Chris' Corner

It is great to see so many of you enjoying the weather and the golf. 

In regards to teaching, we have some exciting news! We have just taken delivery of a brand new Foresight sports GCQUAD. The GCQuad is a state of the art launch monitor with the newest swing analysis software. It is used by some of the worlds best players including Rory Mcilroy, Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau. This now means we will be able to use it with clients on the range to see numbers, and it will also be available to hire out for anyone should they want to use it. For more details on the quad, please speak to us in the pro shop. Lesson prices when using the GCQuad will also increase slightly due to the use of technology. 

Please let us know if you would like to know more about it. 

Pro shop team

David Jennings

It’s great to be back!

4th July now known as 'Super Saturday' was a glorious day and many members enjoyed their first drink.


The circumstances that we, along with all businesses, find ourselves in are not ideal, but the restrictions are necessary at this stage to ensure the health of both members and staff alike.

You will be pleased to learn that we will now open the Clubhouse from 7.30 am every day so that you can get yourself a coffee from the machine. Please use the santizer provided beforehand.

We have also opened the internal doors from the locker rooms, this will still be a one way system for the time being while we assess the flow of traffic. 

I have registered for The Government’s EAT OUT TO HELP OUT scheme, which entitles members to 50% discount up to the value of £10, on all food and hot beverage purchases on each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in August.

You will not need a voucher as we will automatically deduct the discount at the point of sale.

The normal 10% discount on food and hot beverage items will still apply.

It’s good to see that the Wednesday Roll Up has resumed and as this photo demonstrates, even with social distancing, an enjoyable time can be had.

Many thanks to Geoff Robson and Sue Goodliffe for getting this event back up and running.

I look forward to seeing as many members as possible in and around the clubhouse in the next few weeks.

David Jennings 

Updates from The Golf and Comps committee

Members’ guests

We are now reducing the restrictions on members’ guests slightly with immediate effect.   Each member may now bring one guest per week for a tee time from 12.00 onwards on any day other than Friday or Saturday, which remain the busiest days on the course.  It obviously follows from this that there may not be more than two guests in a 4-ball.  The process for signing up a guest online is to select Add Guest when you make a booking.  You should then add your guest’s details for contact tracing purposes, and you must go into the Pro Shop to 'sign' your guest in with the Professional in a COVID adjusted way before playing.

You do not have to rush to use up your member’s guest vouchers, as those that show an expiry date of 31 August 2020 are now valid until 31 August 2021.

Playing in competitions when no tee times are available

If you find that a competition entry sheet is full when you come to enter, you can put yourself onto the reserve list, indicating the range of times that you can play.  The reserves are then automatically entered into slots where members cancel in the order of their booking and based on availability.  Even if you do not get a place in a competition you can still play in the competition from a tee time on the regular daily tee sheet so long as you are entered on the reserve list, you check in with the pro shop before you play and you follow the competition rules, have a marker who is a member and submit your card on the day of play.

Club Championships and the IG scoring App

The Club Championships have been reported on by the Captain.  For the first time we did live scoring using the App, which went very well - at times!  Over 90% of the morning scores were correctly recorded as players went round and the three volunteer scorers fixed up all of the scores and checked everything at lunchtime, so that the online leader board was then correct – and that’s when the fun really started!  We were almost certainly the first club to do live scoring on the IG App for a 36-hole competition played on a single day, and so we found the bug that it was possible to overwrite the morning scores.  Consequently, we had to suspend live scoring for the afternoon round and sort out the scoring when the players came back in; but that didn’t take too long.

We do have to bear in mind that the IG scoring App has only recently been launched and continues to be refined and developed.  Consequently, there are inevitably some teething troubles and we saw a few more last weekend when it was difficult/impossible to amend errors.  However, IG are very responsive in correcting software problems.  The scoring App is evolving and is proving very helpful during this time when we cannot exchange cards. 

We will soon get very versed in this method of entering and checking scores, so please do continue to update your App and use it for your scoring.  You should now be on version 2.1.5. and you can see which version you are on by, within the App, going to Settings (the Cog icon) and scrolling to the bottom of the screen. The guide to the App can be found here ..........

Please remember that you must sign twice on the App, once as marker for the card you have scored and once as a player.  You must sign as marker BEFORE the player can sign their virtual card. Also, ALL players in the group must return the card in the same way; so all should click YES to mark a card for another player or all should click NO to only enter their own score and submit a picture of the card they have marked.  The former is preferable, so please use that method if you all can.

(Virtual) rollups

The rollup groups have all become well organised in coping with having to organise players and book tees a week in advance.  If you would like to play in any of the rollups, please contact the appropriate organiser.  These are: Ladies (Mondays) – Beverley Collins & Lynda Cornwell; Club (Saturdays when no competition) – Nigel Young; Senior Men (Tuesdays) – Kevin Murphy and (Fridays) – John Norton.  There is also a 10-hole rollup with a light supper on Wednesday evenings in the summer organised by Geoff Robson.

Winter knockouts

We know it is too early to be thinking of winter, but the go-ahead has been given for the winter knockouts; namely the Bloomfield (foursomes), the Seniors Winter League and the ladies’ Olive Cripwell Salver.  Notifications for signing up will come out from the relevant organisers.

Playing limits

A reminder that we have removed the limit that we had in place on playing not more than five times in seven days, but we do still ask members not to play more than once a day unless any additional holes are played after 6pm, and to be mindful not to play at prime times too many times a week.

Nick Cray

News from the Juniors

We have welcomed another five juniors to our section this month:- Olivia Lee, Kabir Hunjan, Beth Gilmour, Scarlett Lockwood & Megan Lockwood; we wish them all a long and happy membership at Beaconsfield. We have six further juniors awaiting inductions, which will take us up to our limit for this season.

Our Club Championship was an exciting day and we congratulate Ben Quick, on becoming our Club Champion with his fantastic score of 8 under 136. Ben and Louis spurred each other on during the afternoon and it was thrilling to witness the finish at the 18th when Ben won and with Louis beating the course record. With the largest field ever of 60 players this year, Ben and Louis were the only two players under PAR for the two rounds. Carl Banner & Tom Bell shared 3rd spot with Mike Sanders, followed by James Casserly, George Johnson, and Tommy Evans all in the top 15.

Ben is now an intermediate member and was our Junior Captain last year. After joining our junior section in 2013 at the age of 11, he has become one of the top golfers at the club. Ben joined without a handicap, but over the last seven years, he has worked hard at his golf and strived to reduce his handicap each year. I think he has achieved his goal, with his current handicap of +1.4. Well done Ben!!

The Captain has already reported that the juniors and intermediates have been playing in the Faldo Series of Tournaments, trying to qualify for the Grand Finals in Abu Dhabi later this year. Ben and Carl have already won their places in the final, but they are still travelling with some of our other juniors to The Vale Resort – Wales National on 10th to 12th August. We wish them all the best of luck and a safe journey – Olivia Lee, Ben Quick, Carl Banner, James Casserly, Tom Bell, George Johnson, Kian Bains, and Tommy Evans.

Our Junior Captain, James Casserly, enjoyed a great Captain’s Day on Saturday 11th July, with the largest entry ever of 36 juniors taking part. They played a Team event in 4-balls, with the two best scores to count on each hole. Following the main competition, they all enjoyed the 3 challenges set for them on the Luke Donald Green, the chipping area and the putting green and the results have been posted on the notice board and website. We were unable to hold the usual presentation of prizes or have any catering, but Ian Casserly took doughnuts for them all at the half-way house which of course they all enjoyed. James will be heading off to America later in August, so we plan to give him a special send-off before he leaves.

On Sunday 26th July we held The Robertson Trophy, with 19 juniors taking part. With lovely weather and a course in perfect condition, we had some great scores and with one group left to finish, we had two girls leading with 40 points – Olivia Lee and Emily Gilmour. We were calculating the count-back, but then one of the last players came in with 46points!! Congratulations to George Edwards who only joined us in December with a handicap of 18 (now 15). Well done George!

The juniors and seniors match took place three days ago on 29th July and it was a great afternoon. We had 12 a-side playing 4-ball better-ball match play and the result was 4-2 to the Junior Team. Everyone enjoyed their games and we had several of our younger juniors playing this year, who really enjoyed their first ever match. The senior members very kindly treated the juniors to refreshments afterwards and it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves in the sunshine. Many thanks to everyone who took part in this fun event.

We now look forward to our busiest month at the club with the following junior fixtures:-

Tue 4th August – Junior 36-hole Championship – The Ling Trophy (scratch), The Wisdom Salver (nett) and the McIntosh Trophy (best girl).

Tues 11th August – Juniors and Ladies Annual Match

Wed 19th August – The Luke Donald Salver (reduced to 18 holes this year)

Sun 23rd August – The Hamilton Trophy (Medal)

Sun 30th August – The Thomas Trophy (Stableford)

Mon 31st August – The Beaconsfield Team Championship

Happy Golfing Everyone!

Trophy Roll Of Honour

Click here to see all the Winners for the Trophy Competitions

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