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From the Captain

Happy New Year !

One of the joys of being Captain is that I get asked all sorts of questions and I get told about an amazingly wide variety of issues. Now as far as golf is concerned, I know a little bit about a lot of things. However, so far, I’ve found that the last thing that people want to talk to me about is golf. So I’ve had to get up to speed about the inner workings of our club, its environment, history, traditions and rules.  It’s rather like my working days when I got rather good at knowing enough to be able to respond or hold a conversation on a wide variety of subjects whilst at the same time thinking that I needed to go and find out more. Predictably, the most fascinating part is getting to know the people. I am beginning to understand just what a wonderful variety of the species we have at the club and I suspect that this may be one of the main reasons why it is so good to be a member.

Around Ye Houses on Boxing Day saw a steady stream of brave souls play a 7 hole composite course including 2 par 6’s and 3 par 5’s. The winning pair of Paul Blackburn and George Mawdsley clearly were not suffering any ill effects of over indulgence.

The rearranged Turkey Trot was held on the 5th January and was a great success. My thanks go to both the Sues, Goodliffe and Overall for making it such an enjoyable day and of course to David Jennings for his contribution and for letting me enjoy an onion free lunch. David has passed on our congratulations to the winning team elsewhere in this Niblick but it was such a close finish that saw the first 3 teams all sharing the same score and only being split on the back nine and the back six.

I also wanted to mention the New Rules Presentations carried out by Janet Beal and Andy McFee.  They were extremely informative, entertaining and very well received. So thank you to Janet and Andy and to all those members who came along on cold winter evenings. I am sure you found it well worthwhile.

A number of people have asked me about the Staff Xmas Fund. The total amount exceeded previous years and my thanks and those of our staff go to everyone that contributed. I received a few suggestions about what we might do in future years to boost the fund and I will make sure that they are taken into account for next year.

Rant number one. I know that the repairing of pitch marks on the greens is a perennial subject at every golf club in the land and therefore can become a bit of a bore. That isn’t going to stop me though. Beaconsfield Golf Club now has wonderful greens. I know this because I can see them for myself, other members tell me about them and visitors comment about them. Why is it then that I sometimes repair 5 or 6 pitch marks on a single green when I know that the only people in front of me are members? Is it too much to ask? Repairing pitch marks makes such a huge difference especially at this time of the year.

Rant number two. Please walk around the blue and white posts on the golf course and take trolleys around the outside of the green side bunkers. Don’t be like the senior member who removed the posts so he could take his trolley through and then completely ignored the member of the greens staff who pointed out the error of his ways. End of rants!

Finally, following the theme of notable happenings from last month’s Niblick, I came across a situation on the 10th green that I had never come across before in my golfing experience – which does go back a long way! In a Winter League match (4 ball better ball) my partner had secured his par 5 and at that point, one of our opponents had the luxury of having 4 putts for the half! No names to be mentioned but nothing to stop me using his initials (NC)!

Roger Clarke

From the Ladies Captain

Christmas was the usual fun filled festive time at the club. The ladies enjoyed their 10 hole Christmas foursomes competition. Congratulations to our winners, Irene Brien and Julie Cooper. This was followed by a superb Christmas lunch, then carols and a quiz. (Irene winning again!) Another lovely Christmas event at BGC.

In January we welcomed Mike and Clare and of course Cooper, a 14 month old black Labrador whom Clare is training for the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, to our coffee morning. It was a very informative and enjoyable morning, with Mike sharing about the work they do and the impact on many lives. However, Cooper managed to sleep through everything, he’s obviously heard it all before!

It is lovely to see Daisy Kennedy back at the club, practicing her putting and chipping, as she gains strength following her recent health problems. No doubt she will soon be back to last year’s outstanding form.

If you can see anything from your waterproofs, woolly hats and buffs, then try and appreciate the fantastic condition of our golf course and enjoy some crisp winter golf.

Helen Morris

Car Parking

A number of comments and complaints have been made about the inconsiderate parking of cars in our car park.  Please ensure that you park within the white lines. As soon as one car is badly parked it means that the bay next door is either narrower or cannot be used. Bad parking also leads to chipped paintwork from opening doors. We want to steer away (no pun intended) from leaving notices on car windscreens or publishing photographs of offending vehicles so please park with consideration to other members. 

In the Golf Bag.... How to drop a ball

I was watching TV on Sunday and saw Phil Mickelson having to check how to drop the ball, so here is a reminder on what to do, and what to do if you get it wrong.

First step is to establish the Reference Point.  Examples are: the Nearest Point of Complete Relief when you are getting a free drop from an Abnormal Course Condition: a point going back on line when you are taking a penalty drop Back on Line: a point immediately behind the ball when you are taking free relief for an Embedded Ball.

I would recommend marking the Reference Point with a tee peg or marker.  There is no penalty for not marking, but it can cause problems if there is any doubt about the drop.

Once you have a Reference Point, then you can establish the Relief Area, which is normally ONE CLUB LENGTH, using your longest club (except a putter), no nearer the hole than the Reference Point.  The Relief Area is TWO CLUB LENGTHS when taking Lateral Relief from an unplayable ball or a red penalty area.

Drop the ball from KNEE HEIGHT so that it hits the ground within the Relief Area and stays in the Relief Area.  No problem if the ball accidentally hits you, your club or a tee peg after it hits the ground.

If you drop from shoulder height, the drop is incorrect and you must drop again, which you can do any time before you play the ball.  If you drop from shoulder height and play the ball, then there is a 1 shot penalty for an incorrect drop, so please keep an eye on your playing companions and warn them before they play their ball if they are wrong.

If the ball rolls out of the relief area, you must drop again.  If it rolls out a second time, then just place the ball where it hit the ground on the second drop.  If you play a ball that has rolled out of the relief area you get the general penalty.

There are several videos on how to drop in various situation on the R&A Rules Videos – see the link on the club website

First Aid Workshops



       Saturday 9th March at 10 am

       Monday 25th March at 1.30 pm

       Tuesday 2nd April at 6.30 pm

British Red Cross will be running 3 (identical) 2 hour workshops at the golf club.

The aim is to make first aid skills simple, fun and easy to learn (and also easy to recall in the event of an emergency), with straightforward solutions and techniques. 

Attendees will:

Learn essential first aid skills, such as how to help someone who is unresponsive and breathing/not breathing, bleeding heavily or has a burn.
Learn how to use a defibrillator
Assess and manage risks to make informed choices when helping others.
Build the confidence and willingness to help in a first aid emergency.

Everyone who attends will receive a first aid workbook which includes a certificate of attendance.

Places are limited to 15 per session, the sign-up sheet is on the noticeboard in the main lounge.

Please contact Jane Garmon-Jones if you would like further information.



The greens are in good health with the newly installed ‘PCD’ drainage lines settling in well.

Over the next 4-6 weeks, working around the weather the greens will be ‘hollow cored’ to remove organic material from the putting surface which will also allow space for the remaining drainage lines to settle. Once complete the surface will be topdressed and spiked followed by a brush to fill all of the holes. As the warmer, wetter weather arrives our only granular fertilizer of the year will be applied to give the greens a kick start ahead of the spring.


All of bunkers will have their sand levels checked over the next 4-6 weeks with new sand added where needed. The bunkers which have had renovations to drought damage on the faces are being edged up and topped with fresh sand as we look to get everything ready for the 1st April. The bunkers that have been totally renovated will have their bases strimmed extremely short and treated with a herbicide that will kill the grass but leave the root system in place to secure the turf liner.

Fairway reshaping is in progress as we look to restore some the original shapes and landing areas.

Tees and approaches will be hollow cored, spiked and topdressed to improve surface firmness and drainage.

All of the new tree planting from the last 5 years will be looked at with pruning, removal/replacement of stakes and the planting of 16 new trees.

The fairways will be scarified to remove organic material and stimulate new growth then once finished the team will move onto the drought affected carries and rough.

Please remember to vary your walking lines (especially with trollies) from your playing partners. The grass can only handle so much traffic this time of year

Click here for the rainfall breakdown

Stuart Langhorn

David Jennings


Since the last newsletter we have played the rescheduled Turkey Trot.

The day was a great success with a completely full field.

Congratulations to the winning team of Rob Quick, Simon A Jones, Ian Casserly and Philip West.

Peter Robinson was the stand out winner of the best Christmas themed outfit.

The Charity Quiz Night on Saturday February 16th, compered by the inimitable Steve McAdam and ably assisted by his team of helpers, was sold out in just over 24 hours.

We are all looking forward to a fun evening on the 16th.

The Social Committee are working on some unusual and exciting events to bring you later in the year.

I look forward to seeing you in the clubhouse in the not too distant future.

Best wishes.

David Jennings

Chris's Corner

Happy new year!

Tom continues with his PGA training, he spent a week up at The Belfry earlier this month, learning about all the different  elements of his PGA course. Including, business management, sports science, golf coaching and custom fitting.  He enjoyed the week, attending lectures and meeting fellow assistants . We will keep you updated with his progress in the future.

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 There are huge savings on men & ladies clothes, shoes, golf bags, and lots of golf clubs! Drop into the shop and come and take a look! 

SWING STUDIO SALE   Buy 1 Get One Free offer!    Speak to any of us in the shop to book yourselves in!

The winners of our Christmas draw were:

1st Place - Colin Smith- CLIC GEAR Trolley and Cart bag

2nd Place - Paddy Kelly- Taylormade Spider Putter

3rd Place - Martin Read- Gore-tex Ecco Strike shoes

4th Place - Patrick Byrne- FJ Quilted Jacket

5th Place - Eilish Kelly- BGC Club sweater

6th Place - Ian Duncan- Taylormade Holdall

Many thanks to everyone for your support.

Call in and see the  NEW M5 & M6  TAYLOR MADE Drivers, fairways and hybrids that are now in the shop. We have a large selection of Demo clubs for you to try .

Contact the shop if you would like to book a fitting and pre order ready for the official launch of the clubs in mid February. 

New 4th Tee Complex

Most of you will have noticed that the new 4th tee complex is now complete and this will be open as soon as the weather and grass growth permits, probably early March.

For some years now the club has maintained a rolling programme of investment in the course. Any significant changes we make are based on the advice and designs of Martin Hawtree, who is the leading expert on Harry Colt courses. The new 4th tee complex offers significant improvements whilst being in keeping with Harry Colt’s original design.

The golfer’s eye line coming up the 3rd fairway is now naturally concentrated on the 3rd green and the new slopes surrounding the green. The 4th tees beyond the green are now almost invisible from the 3rd hole.

The new 4th tees themselves are split into 3 separate and distinct tee areas, moving away from the previous, less natural ‘runway’ appearance. 

The tees have been individually drained to their own soak-away and they have a full new irrigation system installed to improve coverage.

All the new tees are now over twice the width of the previous tees, offering more tee options, angles and shot lines along with more even wear.

This is an exciting development for the course and we will be looking at making potential similar improvements to the 6th, 8th, 10th 11th and 14th tees during autumn 2019 and beyond.

In addition, Stuart and his team will be levelling several of other teeing areas over the next 2-3 winters, similar to that already seen on the 5th, 7th and 16th holes.

The Greens Committee


Trophy Roll Of Honour

Click here to see all the Winners for the Trophy Competitions

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