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From the General Manager

A real mixed bag weather-wise over the past few weeks with some heavy rains and varying temperatures – no recent frosts and we were actually cutting fairways in the second week of January.  Stuart’s monthly course update is included – we have spent many hours clearing up debris and damage from the snow and high winds with an inevitable delay on winter works.  Nevertheless there has been good progress on the new Green Tees and we still plan to have a measured and official Green Course by mid-April.

The new Handicap Regulations are now in effect with the most significant impact being the introduction of a Category 5 and 6 which allows for Competition handicaps, for both men and women, to go up to 54.  Committees will be able to increase handicaps above the current 28 and 36 limits and they will also increase automatically as a result of above Buffer Zone returns in Qualifying Competitions and Supplementary score submissions.  As advised last month there is a Q&A sheet on both changing room notice boards.   As of 1 January we have almost 300 members who do not have a ‘competition’ handicap which means they cannot play competitive golf – if you are in that category please try and submit 3 cards (I will take 9 holes) which can be done when playing a friendly game.   

Many members will have been following the planned developments adjacent to the Club and particularly Wilton Park and the new relief road.   The outline planning application, due to be heard at the end of 2017, is still undetermined due to an ongoing debate between the Developer (inland Homes) and the Council over affordable housing content.

Construction of the relief road is due to commence in May but there remains outstanding conditions to be discharged. The entire relief road will be delivered in two parts - the northern section by BCC and the southern section by Inland Homes. Both parties are in discussions to achieve completion by summer 2019. We, through the House Committee, particularly Chairman Ian Griffiths, have been monitoring progress and liaising with all partis on noise abatement, boundary protection and other relevant issues. There is an Information Pack on the development which can be accessed via the following link…….  

Details can also be seen on the South Bucks Planning website – the reference number is 17/01763.

The Club’s Suggestion Book appears to have been in hibernation but it does exist and can be located behind the bar.   Please feel free to make constructive suggestions and all will be properly considered.  

As the time for subscription renewals approaches we would really appreciate if those members who currently do not pay by Direct Debit could find a moment to complete a DD form and return to Katie in the office – ideally by the end of February.  Please click here to download the form ……  or find a link under the Members section of the website.  It does save the Club money and valuable management time if you pay this way.

The recent weather has led to quite frequent changes in course playability and conditions. Whenever there is a change in status the Greens Team amend the website and the phone line and those members who have elected to do so will receive an email (go to the ‘my preferences’ area of the website).   The sign/board at the entrance of the club will from now only show whether the course is open or closed – it will not be an information board to show trolley/buggy status and for this please go to website.   On this note thank you to many of you who have been carrying during these wet conditions – the benefit to the course is clear.  

Members will be sad to hear that Alan Randall, who was the Club’s starter for well over 15 years, passed away in November.

Congratulations to Reg Rundle who won the Christmas Rules Teaser.   Over 30 replies but only 4 answered correctly which was that only Tim’s shot can be recalled as the last player to have hit.   I have another bottle for this month’s quiz question so:

‘Martin and Henry are playing in a stroke play competition.  Martin is just off the green and Henry’s ball is on the green just beyond the pin where it might help Martin.  Martin asks Henry to leave his ball there while he plays.  ‘OK’ says Henry.'   

What is the ruling?

Answers by email please to

I wish all members a healthy and successful 2018.   For those I have not yet met please feel free to drop in to the office or call me.  Katie and Liz in the office have all dates that I am in and we are changing car park spaces so it will be clear to members when I am in the office!  

A final plea is to remind everyone to replace their divots, both on the practice ground and on the course.   If playing longer ‘pitches’ on the short game area please do not play from adjacent to the green.

Chris Gotla



The greens look healthy and disease free for the time of year, this is aided by the application of ‘dew dispersants’ which keep the leaf of the grass plant on the greens dry at all time. The current height of cut is 6mm which will continue through to the spring maintenance which will be hollow coring and sanding. The greens have recovered a lot quicker this year after the recent drainage works and the removal of cores from the surface will ensure a smoother putting surface going into the spring.


We are currently finishing off the new Green tee up on the right hand side 8th carry. After installing drainage and pruning back the tree line to reduce shade the tee will be turfed and left to grow. The final tee on the Green course will be built on the 10th hole giving us 14 green tees that will hopefully reduce the length of the course by 500-550 yards. During February a machine will be on site to pull new irrigation water pipes to each of the new tees to keep them alive over the summer months.

Woodland management will continue around the course through to the start of the golfing season, removing dead, diseased and damaged trees to allow current and newly planted trees more chance of establishing.

The top dressing of ‘sharp sand’ continues on a weekly basis on all high traffic areas to firm up the surface.

Stuart Langhorn

Board Bulletin

Please click here to view the January Board Bulletin

Social Committee

Sunday 11th March 2018

12.45 p.m. for 1.00 p.m.

Members & Guests    £29.50 per head

Children (12 yrs and under)    £15 per head

Our ever popular Mothering Sunday Lunch is available for bookings

The sign-up sheet is now on the main notice board. This lunch always fills up quickly, so please act soon if you wish to attend.

If you cannot make it to the Club please email me at or phone the bar on 01494 681180 and we will be happy to put your name down.

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