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50 Years Membership  

Congratulations go to Michael Anderson, who has now been a member of the club for 50 years.  He joined as a junior in 1971 aged 13 and captained the junior team in 1976 despite being one of the few members who lives in Central London.

Michael plays much of his golf at Royal St George’s club, Sandwich, where the Open was recently played and where he is on the committee. He very much enjoys the variety of playing on both a links course and a parkland course.  Undoubtedly his favoured format is traditional foursomes.

He and his long-standing/suffering golfing partner, Steve Corrin, have played together in almost all the Bloomfield competitions since 1980 when they met at Cambridge University, and they have won it 4 times since then.  Apparently, Michael sometimes even manages to get out of bed early enough to be on the tee for a 2-ball starting time.

New Member

We welcome new member Luke Rusher to Beaconsfield.

We hope that you have a long and happy membership.   

From the Captain

Significant golfing successes for Beaconsfield members!

Huge congratulations and best wishes for the coming year to Gemma Dryburgh as she successfully qualified in Alabama for her 2022 LPGA tour card (see From the Ladies Captain and click here for BBC news article......)


Meanwhile in Cadiz, over 5 rounds on what were clearly tough courses, Olivia Lee won the girls’ Junior European Open and Carl Banner won the Junior European Open 18+ section.  Olivia won by 3 shots and the leading pair of girls were well clear of the rest of the field.  Carl won a qualifying event to get to Cadiz and after being tied for first place, won the 3-hole playoff.  A fantastic achievement by both of them and see the junior & younger members section for more details.  

Carl collects his trophy from Nick Dougherty of Sky Sports.

On the course

The December weather has been marvellous for the time of year and the course continues to be in great condition.  Please note that Stuart uses the blue and white posts to denote sensitive areas which are to be avoided to protect the course.  No player should be taking a trolley between a green and a greenside bunker and will the members who have been seen taking their trolleys through the blue and white posts and lifting wheels to get through the posts please stop to think about what the posts are there for and desist.

Embarrassingly, the mid-week stableford and the monthly stableford for December were won by the Captain and the Vice-Captain respectively!  Nevertheless, congratulations to V-C Ian Griffiths for the round of his life with a gross 72 and 46 points.  Rest assured that we both suffered handicap cuts as a result. 

We had what must have been a record field for the turkey trot, which inevitably meant that it was rather slow, but that over 130 members were able to play.  Well done to the winning team of Nick Tuck, Simon Tuck, Andy Mason and Kevin Hickman (see David Jennings’ section).

Congratulations are also due to Mike Sanders for his hole in one at the 16th a few days ago, which I am told is his first ace at Beaconsfield.

Not to be outdone, Jeremy Shute aced the 5th in the group in front of me, while his partner, Phil West just missed making it a double.  Well done Jeremy.

The Christmas closing times for the clubhouse are set out below and you will see that the course is not being set up for Around  Ye Houses, meaning that you are welcome to play the regular course on Christmas Day and/or Boxing Day, should you so wish!

New Social Committee

The new Social Committee are already being very pro-active, so my thanks go to them.  Chaired by Penny Grocott-Mason, the committee comprises Iain and Jackie Duncan, Tim Cray, Elaine Mayes (Assistant to the Secretary).

Longest Day Golf

As I mentioned last month, one of the plans for next year is to have a ‘longest day golf’ charity fundraiser on Monday 20th June 2022, with a social element to follow.  The intention is to have perhaps a dozen members playing from different age ranges and to support and encourage them during the day and welcome them back in at the end of the day.  I have three volunteer players so far and if you would be interested in playing, please do get in touch with me.

Christmas thank you and the Staff Christmas Fund

Thank you to Stuart, Katie, David, Jeremy, Chris and their teams for all that they have done for the club and its members through 2021.  We don’t tip our staff during the year, which is why we have the Staff Christmas Fund as a way of saying thank you.  It is not too late to contribute if you have not already done so and the office continues to be available by phone and email should members wish to contribute.

It just remains for me to wish you and your family a very enjoyable and healthy Christmas.

Nick Cray

Clubhouse Facilities during Christmas

FRI  24 DEC 2021

  • Bar open until 3.00 p.m.
  • Clubhouse closes at 3.30 p.m.
  • Catering – sandwiches available 11.30 a.m. until 2.30 p.m. from bar


  • Clubhouse & Pro Shop closed


  • Clubhouse & Pro Shop closed

MON 27 -  TUE 28 -  WED 29 -  THU  30 - DEC 2021

  • Bar open until 4.00 p.m.
  • Clubhouse closes at 4.30 p.m.
  • Catering – sandwiches available 11.30 a.m. until 2.30 p.m. from bar

FRI  31 DEC 2021

  • Bar open until 3.00 p.m.
  • Clubhouse closes at 3.30 p.m.
  • Catering – sandwiches available 11.30 a.m. until 2.30 p.m. from bar


  • Clubhouse opens at 7.30 a.m. and closes at 3.30 p.m.
  • Bar open until 3.00 p.m.
  • No Catering

SUN  2 JAN 2022 -  Back to normal!

From the Ladies Captain

It has been a busy month for golf and social activities. Firstly, the serious golf. We have now completed 3 matches in the winter scratch league and have met some tough opposition. Although we have won 2 of the games and halved one, overall we have lost all 3 matches. Let’s hope the New Year brings better luck for our elite golfers.

On a more festive note, a big thank you to all the ladies who helped to decorate the clubhouse and make it look so inviting. Last year we were still huddling outside in the cold, so it was lovely to feel we were almost back to normal.

Our first December competition saw the course closed due to snow but that did not deter about 50 ladies from their visit to Waddesdon Manor for the Christmas Fair and Light Trail. The mulled wine stall did see a lot of business though.

The Christmas Foursomes competition was back to pre-Covid numbers with 100 ladies playing golf and close to that number enjoying a delicious roast turkey lunch. Many thanks to Christine Tyler for juggling the table plans during a very fluid period of decision making for the ladies about lunch as Omicron emerged and spread. First prize was won (on count back) by Julie Cooper and Gill Leach, 2nd prize went to Barbara Francis and Maureen Slater and 3rd prize, Helen Coughlin and Alison Tingey, all with 20 points. Thanks also to Thelma who accompanied the carol singing and a much-appreciated return of the 12 days of Christmas, perfectly set up with 12 tables to perform the necessary accompaniments!

The Monday ladies’ roll-up group also had their Christmas competition followed by lunch. This was won by Trudi Watts, followed by Jane Luckhurst and Beverley Collins.  Thanks go to Beverley and Lynda Cornwell who run the roll-up every week and who organised such a lovely lunch.

A special thank you also to Ros Johnstone. Ros very patiently tries to teach many of the ladies to play bridge and as a thank you for using the clubhouse for the lessons, Ros has donated a very generous £300 to the Captains’ charity MacMillan Cancer Support. This has been supplemented by a further £50 from the roll-up prize fund surplus and the book loan charity. Still to come will be the funds from the Christmas Table Decoration workshop, so well done ladies and thank you.

Of course, I couldn’t complete this month’s Niblick without huge congratulations to Gemma Dryburgh, who had just completed another 8 gruelling rounds of Q school and successfully qualified for the 2022 season on the US tour. Well done Gemma and we will all be following and supporting you again next year.

Sue Schmidt

In The Golf Bag........Winter Golf

I know some of us hibernate when the weather gets too cold, but for those brave souls who continue to tread the fairways during the winter, here are a few reminders about how to get relief from some of the worst of the winter conditions.

Preferred Lies

Remember that we have a winter rule allowing preferred lies if your ball is on the fairway or fringes of the green, you can lift, clean and replace your ball within six inches of its original spot, no nearer the hole.  You do not need to mark the ball before lifting.

Ground Under Repair

We also have a winter rule that defines tractor ruts and damage caused by heavy equipment as Ground Under Repair (GUR).  If your ball, area of swing or stance is affected then you get relief from the GUR - find the nearest point of complete relief and then drop within one club length of this point, not nearer the hole.  You can clean your ball before dropping.

Embedded Ball

Remember you get relief for an embedded ball anywhere in the general area, which covers both fairways and rough.  Mark the point immediately behind the ball and then drop within one club length of this point, not nearer the hole.  Again, you can clean the ball before dropping.

Temporary Water

You get relief from temporary water anywhere on the course except in a penalty area.  Again, find the nearest point of complete relief and drop within one club length.  If your ball is in a bunker, you get free relief in the bunker or you can choose to take a one shot penalty and drop back on line outside the bunker.  If your ball is on the green, you place the ball at the nearest spot, and you also get relief if the water is on your line of putt.


You don’t get relief from areas of mud unless affected by GUR or temporary water.  If you are on the fairway, you can take a preferred lie so can clean the mud from your ball – no such luck if you are in the rough!

Identifying Ball

In the winter, the markings on your ball may by obscured by mud, so please take care to check that it is actually YOUR ball.  On the fairway, preferred lies means that you can pick up and check the ball and then clean and replace within 6 inches.  If you are in the rough, bunkers or a penalty area, you MUST mark the ball before lifting to check your markings and you can only clean enough to see your markings before replacing on the original spot.

Janet Beal

Course Update and Rainfall 

The course is in great shape with the mammoth task of leaf clearance coming close to an end with a handful of remaining oaks left to fall. In the New Year the team will move into the woodlands to fell dead trees, removing lower limbs, scrub and ivy. This will improve the health of the trees, make finding golf balls easier and give the grassed surfaces a rest from machinery.

As we head into the winter we all need to play our part in looking after the golf course. To help out please –

  • Carry you bags if you can. Maybe use a half set of clubs and a pencil bag.
  • Keep your trolleys as far as you can from the greens and tees carrying only the club you need.
  • Repair your pitch marks by forking the surrounding grass into the middle, as opposed to lifting which can break the roots causing damage.
  • Avoid walking the tight ‘racing line’ around green and tee complexes. Look for green grass to walk on which will spread the wear.
  • Adhere to all traffic management posts and ropes.
  • Walk on the paths where possible.

Stuart Langhorn

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Meeting Judd Barron

Judd is new to the team, joining us as Apprentice Greenkeeper in May 2021. When Judd left school, he worked for the family grounds maintenance business before joining BGC.  

Thankfully, he’s an early riser because, as he says, ‘while most of my family are still sleeping, I’m out on the course raking bunkers and blowing leaves!’  His day also includes divoting around the course.

There is plenty of variety to his work, ‘with different seasons there comes different jobs, and you take it all as it comes, for example we recently changed all of the holes on the chipping green and putting green.’

So far Judd’s proudest achievement is ‘when I first learned how to hand cut greens. I was thrilled with the straightness of the lines and how good it looked afterwards.’

That’s great Judd, I’m sure we appreciate those newly learnt skills. 

When I asked Judd about what he likes about the job, his answer centred on three things; ‘I love being outside, I like the people I work with and enjoy meeting people around the course.’

When asked about his life outside of work, Judd (like most of his colleagues) revealed some interesting hobbies, ‘I started keeping bees and chickens during lockdown and sell the raw honey and eggs. I also like to watch Formula 1’. Judd must love speed because he has an ambition to get his private pilot’s license.

Back on terra firma, Judd told me he had recently started taking golf lessons. ‘I’m new to golf and I’m not great yet. I’ve had a couple of lessons and my favourite hole would be the 13th.  On my last round I birdied that hole, and I was very proud of myself!’

When asked for any final thoughts, Judd said ‘I look forward to meeting the members out on the course and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.’

David Garmon-Jones

Greens Committee

The Greens Committee (Stuart Langhorn, Chris Dodd, Mark Conway and David Garmon-Jones) would like to thank all our members for the care they have taken over our golf course in 2021. The members’ support for the green keeping team is much appreciated and really helps them to keep the course in such great condition. We wish you a Merry Christmas, a very Happy New Year and we hope that you have plenty of fun and success on the golf course in 2022.

A note from the Social Committee

The next event, will be a sports night, with big screen TV in the upstairs dining room - England vs Scotland 6 Nations Rugby, Saturday 5th Feb, with supper of Fish Pie / Cottage Pie / veggie option for £11.50. If this is successful, we anticipate organising some other similar socials around the bigger sporting events in 2022. A sign-up sheet will be provided in next few weeks.

For your diary, other dates and events planned for 2022:

  • Quiz Night and Supper – Saturday 19th March
  • Gin Tasting & Supper – Saturday 20th May
  • Charity fund-raiser - Longest Day Golf Marathon – Monday 20th June
  • Summer Sizzler – Saturday 23rd July
  • Charity fund-raiser – Hickory Sticks 10-hole + supper – date tbc
  • The Pub Quiz – plus supper – date tbc
  • Oktoberfest – Saturday 15th October

David Jennings

Another busy month in the clubhouse.

I'm very happy to announce that the 2022 Quiz Night will take place on Saturday 19th March.

This most popular event always sells out, so if you would like to attend, please email either Elaine Mayes in the office at or myself at and we will be happy to put your name down.

On the subject of quiz nights, in my November article I said that Joan Murphy and Carol Isaac had been victorious, which was indeed the case, but I did not mention that the table had been organised by Susan and Tony Strawson who obviously were also in attendance.

The Turkey Trot on December 4th was an outstanding success, with a large amount of money being raised for the Captains charity, MacMillan Cancer Support.

Congratulations to the winning team of Nick Tuck, Simon Tuck, Andy Mason and Kevin Hickman.

The golfer chosen for the best Christmas outfit was Paul Finch. Well done Paul.

The children's Christmas Party on December 11th attracted a record number of attendees.

Many thanks to the Social Committee for all of their hard work and organisation and Elaine Mayes who purchased and wrapped every single present.

Special thanks must go to Alec Mitchell who once again performed brilliantly as Father Christmas.

As the year draws to a close I would like to pay tribute to my incredible, loyal and hard working catering team.

They are the best.

Also Jeremy and his bar team for their efforts throughout a challenging year.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.

David Jennings

Chris' Corner

Hello all,

We hope you are well and enjoying the run up to Christmas.

As most of you may be aware, we have run the annual christmas draw, it has been a successful year and we will be doing the draw this week and announcing the winners shortly after christmas!

We wish those of you that took part, good luck.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas!

Chris, Tom and Adam

Handicap Review Completed 

The annual review of handicaps has been completed.  The key message to many who asked for an adjustment is that evidence is needed and that they need to submit more cards.  General play cards are fine and easy to submit.

The review process is much simpler under WHS than it is under CONGU – so at least something is!  Many less players are identified by the system for review and far fewer adjustments are made.  Only one player was reduced – the immediate past Captain, Steve Lynch, because of his number of very good scores, and only six players were adjusted upwards.

A note from the Junior & Younger Members

Another year goes by, and all our young members will be looking forward to the Christmas holidays. This month has been quiet with no junior competitions, but during the winter months, everyone will be practising hard preparing for the new golfing year.

Normally I would be welcoming our new Junior Captain and Vice-Captain in this article, but as you know, our Junior Annual Meeting and Prize-giving was postponed this year. The rescheduled meeting will now be held on Sunday 23rd January 2022 at 2.30pm and we will be looking forward to seeing all our young members and their families that afternoon.

The meeting will include the presentation of trophies to all the 2021 winners, followed by a report from our current Junior Captain Tommy Evans, who will then introduce the new Junior Captain Thomas Creighton. I will summarise the highlights of the year and then we can all watch Thomas ‘Drive-In’ from the first tee. The afternoon will end with refreshments in the upstairs dining room, where we will have the opportunity to meet all the new junior members and their families.

The juniors have enjoyed another successful year and we must congratulate our team on winning the Chiltern Junior Golf League this season. They won four of their matches and halved one, so they certainly deserved to celebrate. They then went on to represent the League in the Bert Yates Trophy at Maidenhead GC, where they came third. The final event of the season was the Chiltern League Team Trophy, which was held at Gerrards Cross, where they narrowly missed winning by one point to the ‘Home’ Team.

Many congratulations must go to Carl Banner and Olivia Lee for winning their divisions in the Junior European Open, which was held at Alcaidesa Links Golf in Cadiz, Spain earlier this month. Olivia won the junior section with a remarkable score of 212 (70+73+69) and Carl won the 18+ division with 225 (76+73+76). We would also like to congratulate Gemma Dryburgh on qualifying for the US Tour in 2022. Great achievements by you all.

I send warmest wishes to all our young members and their families and hope you all have a fun time over the holidays. This is a very special time of year, but please stay safe. I look forward to seeing you all in January and the start of another successful golfing season. 

Happy Christmas Everyone!!    

Dianne Regan

Trophy Roll of Honour

Click here to see all the Winners for the Trophy Competitions

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