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New Members

We welcome the following new Members to Beaconsfield: 

Andy Woodall, Michael Ballard and Giles Taylor.

We hope that you have a long and happy membership.

From the Captain

There was me thinking that this was my “bit” for the Niblick each month, when one member started talking to me about my Blog! It quite threw me until I realised what they were talking about.

Last month I mentioned some of the exceptional scoring in competitions when the weather was poor. So far this month we have had a cold wind blowing which made golfing difficult and only in the last few days has spring really seemed to arrive. Apparently none of that has affected the scoring. The star score of the month may well be Angus Creighton’s nett 63 (10 handicap) in the Grange Cup which was played off the back tees with a strong wind. I played that day and in those conditions his score was mightily impressive. I’ll not go into details because it is all on the website but I also want to mention Steve Lee in the Monthly Medal and Robin Harvey, James Casserly and Louis Sanders in the Team Championship. Also on that day Julie Cooper’s 4 birdies in 6 holes from the 2nd to the 7th.

Captain, Roger Clarke presenting the Junior Team with the Team Championship Trophy            Dan Orford, James Casserly, Tommy Evans, Will Liddiard, Tom Bell, Matt Bowen, George Johnson, Ben Quick (Not Pictured), Kian Bains (Not Pictured).

The Team Championship has only been going for 3 years but it has already become a real feature of the golfing calendar. Congratulations to the Juniors who triumphed for the second year running on Good Friday.

I sense that my year as Captain is just about to get rather busier as the golfing season gets into full swing. I am looking forward to playing some matches with the various teams (or at least those that I qualify for!) and I will get along to the roll ups. The Saturday morning one is proving most difficult because I have the equine members of my family to deal with at weekends. Next month sees both the Seniors and Men’s Invitation Days and then in early June there is the small matter of Captain’s Day. More about that over the next few weeks.

Also in June, on the longest day, the 21st, we have some members taking on the challenge of playing 4 rounds in a day. They will be raising money for 2 charities, Stand Up to Cancer and Prostrate Cancer UK. Those taking part are a mixture of somewhat more mature golfers together with some of the younger variety. As this involves a 5am start and a finish well into the evening there are no prizes for guessing which variety of participant is going to suffer the most.  Training so far has taken place in the local curry house! Please support them when you get the chance.

Adam Batty will be familiar to most of you as he has twice been Club Champion. Adam has now turned professional and is competing on the Jamega Tour. He played his first tournament at the Oxford Golf Club recently and his performance there should set him up very well for the coming season. He will be using our practice facilities and course and I’m sure you all will want me to wish him well.

Over the last few months I have used the Niblick for a few rants and a couple of pleas that have covered such issues as the repairing of pitch marks, following the course traffic markers in the winter etc etc. One other well-worn subject that has now been brought to my attention is slow play. Our golf course now has slightly wider fairways, less undergrowth and well maintained and graded rough which are all recognised as helpful ways of improving the pace of play. All that remains is for us all to be aware of the effect that our pace of play may be having on other golfers and to either speed up or call others through. No real pain is involved and everyone will enjoy their game that little bit more.

Finally, this year sees Ken Rumens and Paul Godfrey (pictured above) join a very small but elite group who have been members for over 60 years. That means they joined in 1959 when apparently the fees were £240 per annum! Congratulations to you both.

Right I’m off to the Isle of Islay for a couple of days where there just happens to be a wonderful golf course (The Machrie) and 7 or 8 whisky distilleries.

Roger Clarke

From the Ladies Captain

Beaconsfield has for many years been fortunate to have a very strong group of bridge players and the ‘A’ team again won the Bucks County Ladies Golf Clubs Bridge League. Congratulations to everyone who tookpart. With four bridge teams at Beaconsfield now, it has been a busy time. Special thanks to Alison Posgate and her team, for organising the matches so well. The Jamboree at Hazlemere, was organised by Janet Beal, with our ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams coming second and third. Well done to everyone.

We had our annual golf match against the Artisans at home on Friday 5th April. Always full of banter and followed by a delicious tea.  The winners were Carl Piercy and Debbie Parrish with 40 points.

The golfing ladies also enjoyed a Jamboree with the weekend ladies, when 24 players took part in a fun competition. The winning team of Sue Goodliffe, Sue Schmidt, Jan Bradford and Claire Taylor walked away with impressive Easter Eggs!

Our GiG 4 Girls Fun Day was a great afternoon for 16 youngsters with Chris, Adam and Tom giving advice and tips whilst making golf fun with lots of games. Putting and chipping provided lots of challenges, whilst ‘whacking’ on the driving range was also enjoyed by all. It was lovely chatting to the girls afterwards, whilst enjoying squash and cake. Thank you to Dianne, Janet and Sue Lynch and the pro’s for the work they put into the day. Don’t forget that follow up lessons have been arranged. Please contact Dianne if you are interested.

The summer league matches are now in full swing. After promotion last year to Division 1, the bronze scratch team secured a great result in their first game with a 2-1 win at home against Buckingham.

The silver scratch team have now played two matches losing to Burnham Beeches but winning 2-1 against Denham.

I am now looking ahead to our trip to East Sussex from 12th-14th May when 62 ladies have signed up to join me for what I hope will be golf and fun!

Helen Morris




The greens will be spiked the first week in May with a small pencil tine (6mm diameter) to a depth of 3.5-4 inches to get some air into the profile to allow for better infiltration of irrigation water. The greens will be rolled immediately after. Two weekly light topdressings continue as we look to make the putting surfaces as smooth as possible. The current cutting height is 3.5mm which will drop down to 3mm by mid-May. The greens are currently stimping at an average speed of 10-10.5 foot.  


The remaining burnt out areas (mainly the carries and roughs) have all been over seeded and are showing good signs of germination but are desperate for some rain. We will continue to monitor these areas with a second overseed planned when/if the wetter weather comes.

All of closely mown surfaces are coming on well. The tees, fairways and approaches have all received an application of herbicide to kill off any weeds with the roughs, bunkers and greens surrounds due to be done over the next two weeks. Regular applications of fertiliser and ‘pre growth regulators’ are being sprayed every 3-4 weeks to strengthen the grass plant ahead of increased golf and cutting regimes.  

Click here for the rainfall breakdown

Stuart Langhorn

Chris' Corner - Range Tokens

Do you have a jar like this at home full of range tokens?

If so the Pro Shop would be delighted to receive them back.

Office Extra's

Winter Rules

Winter Rules finishes at the end of the day on Tuesday 30th April.

Golf Buggies

The Club will be shortly be replacing 2 of the 3 Club buggies. It is anticipated these will be much more reliable than the old ones. The cost of hire will remain at £15 for members but increase to £20 for guests/societies.

Subject to availability and course conditions the club will permit members and guests to hire buggies, whether or not the golfer has medical reasons warranting buggy use.

Ladies v Men Bridge Match

This annual encounter took place on the 1st April and who made a fool of whom?

Well for the first time for a few years the Men were victorious in both the A team match (81-50) and the B team match (101-70).

Needless to say there were 16 very happy men at the end of the afternoon and training for next year's event is already underway.

A big thank you to David and his team for the delicious tea and scones.

Dogs on the course

A reminder of the expectations of dogs' owners  on the course:

1. Members can only take their dogs onto the course after 1pm.

2. No dogs are allowed on the course while competitions listed in the club diary are still being played.

3. Dogs must at all times be under control on a lead and be kept off greens and out of bunkers.

4. Owners must clear and dispose of any excrement.

5. Dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse.

6. Dogs should only be brought to the patio area in the late afternoon after play has finished.

7. Visitors cannot take their dogs onto the course.

Luke Donald Practise Area and Range

Members are reminded to treat this area in the same way as they would the course by repairing divots and pitch marks. Also balls should always be collected after use - new metal tubes are now in place and hopefully these will prove to be more durable than the plastic ones

Please return range baskets to the ball dispenser area after use.

Alternating on the 1st tee & Diary bookings

Sometimes it is not clear who is first on the tee when players are alternating from the 11th. Clearly this is down to the situation and common sense. Generally those actually tee'd-up should go first with players alternating therafter.

As always we urge members to look at the diary before coming up to play and members should be mindful of any entries in the diary and allow plenty of time before the booking to tee off.

The Presidents’ Cup 31st August

This prestigious 36 hole event has proved to be hugely popular in recent years with a waiting list of members wishing to play. The Golf and Competitions Committee in conjunction with the President has agreed to trial qualifying rounds to determine most of the 72 places available. For this year the arrangements will be as follows:

Top 10 net from the 2018 event will be invited to play in the 2019 event and if anyone is not interested from this group it will leave spaces for 11th 12th etc.

Top 20 from each of the following medals: Sunday 14th July; and Sunday 11th August Top 15 from the  Wednesday 7th August medal The remaining 7 places will be chosen by the President.

Members can in effect have 3 chances to qualify. Top qualifiers will be determined by count back where necessary.

Members qualifying at more than one event or those pre-qualified will potentially permit a number outside the top 20 or top 15 in the case of the midweek medal to make up the qualifying quota from each pre-qualifying medal.

It may sound complicated but considered to be manageable, transparent, and fairer in terms of giving a chance to committed and competitive golfers.

First Aid in the Clubhouse/On the Course

The First Aid workshops at the clubhouse given by a British Red Cross instructor were well attended and was two hours very well spent.

Those members now have some confidence that they would know how to approach a collapsed or unconscious person, child or adult, and to use the AED defibrillator if necessary, alway calling 999 first.

Beaconsfield Golf Club has its own AED defrillator, located opposite the kitchen door, at the bottom of the back stai rs. If it is ever needed, (after all attempts to revive have failed) opening the pack instigates instructions, both visual and verbal, so it can be used by non First-Aiders and can increase the chance of survival by 70%.

BGC also has a number of recognised First-Aiders: Katie (office), Jeremy (bar), Adam (pro shop) and greenkeepers James, Stuart and Tom.

We also have First Aid folders showing what can be done in the following scenarios:

Heart attacck, unconcious person, stroke, fainting, hypothermia, choking, heat stroke, burns and low blood sugar in a diabetic person.

There are three folders which can be found behind the bar, in the kitchen and in the ladies' locker room. It would be very valuable for all members and staff to read the folders just to understand the action you can take to help.

  Review Of Penalty Areas And Health And Safety

We have now completed a course review to decide whether to add new Penalty Areas, incase it might have been possible to speed up play. We have also taken the opportunity to review Health and Safety risks.

The outcome of the review is that whilst there will be NO new Penalty Areas some actions have been taken to reduce safety risks. The following were discussed:

Woodland Areas to the side of holes (e.g. 1, 8, 10):

  • These are integral parts of the  course, and it was agreed that they should not be  marked as penalty areas.
  • Players should take a provisional ball if their ball may be lost in the woodland area to save having to go back to replay under stroke and distance.

Steep Slopes on 5, 6 and 11:

  • The grass on the slopes will be kept shorter so that balls will run to the bottom of the slope rather than staying on the slope.
  • On the 6th hole, the grass at the bottom of the slope will be cut shorter so that balls that run to the bottom can easily be seen.
  • Players are reminded to use the footpath down the slope at the side of the 5th hole, and to use the gentler slopes to get down the 6th and 11th.

If your ball is in an area where you are unable (or unwilling) to retrieve the ball, you are still able to declare it unplayable and take back-on-line relief (one shot penalty) as long as you can see the ball and identify it as yours.  The following methods of identifying a ball that cannot be retrieved are acceptable:

  • Using any safe method of seeing a mark that definitely identifies it as the player's ball.
  • Using the testimony of another player to confirm they saw the ball come to rest in that specific location.

However, if you can’t identify the ball, your only option is stroke and distance.

Trophy Roll Of Honour

Click here to see all the Winners for the Trophy Competitions

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