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                        December 2017

General Manager's Newsletter

You will from now on be receiving a monthly newsletter from myself with updates, news and hopefully useful information!   It will include a course update from Stuart, the December version of which is attached.   In 2018 The Niblick, with contains news from all the Club sections, will come out quarterly (much relief for most of the contributors!) with the next edition in March.

The weather has not been kind with the heavy snowfall of 10 days ago leading to a prolonged course closure not experienced for quite a few years.   As I write we are hoping to reopen on Wednesday but the frosts have made parts of the course dangerous and great care needs to be taken.   The clubhouse has been quiet so there are still many members who I have not met or spoken to but a big thank you to the many who have given me a warm welcome and I look forward to seeing many more in the New Year. 

Over the festive season the clubhouse will be open every day apart from Christmas Day but there will be only a skeleton food offering (sandwiches) between 27 and 31 December.   There will be no catering on Boxing Day (limited for competitors in the Cross Country) or New Year’s Day with normal service resumed from January 2nd when Andrew returns from a well-deserved break.

The recent membership ‘window’ has seen a number of new applications – a reminder that any prospective candidate should return his/her form by the end of this week.

Members may have been following the recent changes in course rating and club handicaps proposed by CONGU.  The most significant impact, effective form Jan 1 2018, will be the introduction of a Category 5 and 6 which allows for Competition handicaps, for both men and women, to go up to 54.  Committees will be able to increase handicaps above the current 28 and 36 limits and they will also increase automatically as a result of above Buffer Zone returns in Qualifying Competitions and Supplementary score submissions.   A maximum handicap limit for competitions may still be applied by the Club.  There are other changes which will apply and I have put a summary with a Q&A sheet on the notice boards in the two changing rooms.   Staying with handicaps a reminder I shall be carrying out the annual review for men on Friday so any final requests for a Christmas bonus adjustment please contact me.

A reminder please for all Members to adhere to the Club’s Dress code – in a very few instances Club staff have been put in an embarrassing situation and members are reminded that they are responsible for their guests as well.   The Committee have endorsed that trainers are not allowed in the clubhouse at any time.   We have put the current dress code on the Members’ section of the website for anyone unsure about present policy.

We are improving the communication process regarding course information – both the Office and Greens Team are able to update at any time and generate an instant email to all members who currently receive emails from the Club.   For a small fee, Members may also install an Intelligent Golf App which is easy to download from the app store, after pairing to your account you will be able to access your balance, book into competitions etc with ease. You will also be notified each time of a spend on your account and give you notifications on course updates. Go to My Golf/Preferences and follow the link - for help/information contact Katie.

And finally a little Christmas Rules Teaser to see how many of you have managed to read this far!   I have a bottle of something for the winner who will be drawn from all the correct answers I receive before 2 pm this Friday.

David and Stuart are playing a 4-ball match against Patrick and Tim.   Patrick then Tim play their shots on to the green before David whose turn it was to play as his ball was furthest from the hole.  David and Stuart wish to recall their shots for playing out of turn.   What is the ruling?’

Answers by email please to

Best wishes for the festive period from myself and the Office team.


Course Update


The greens continue to improve after the recent PCD drainage and have stood up well after the recent rain and snow with approximately 4 inches of water entering the surface in a 7 day period. Although the result was a closed golf course the high water volumes were a great test for all the newly installed drains and sumps which all passed with flying colours.

The greens will be verti-drained with a ½ inch tine to a depth of 7-8 inches followed by a smaller spike with a ¼ inch tine to a depth of 4 inches in a different direction to close the larger holes. This will help aerate the soil and relieve compaction from all the recent snow, ice and heavy rain.

The greens will be cut at 6mm over the following months with the pedestrian walk behind mowers as the course becomes too wet for larger machinery.


As the temperatures rise the main focus for the rest of the year will be to get the course back into a good winter condition after the snow. Once thawed and dry each bunker will be raked and topped with sand accordingly, as will the paths. The team are working through approximately 350-400 snapped limbs from trees that gave way under the weight of the snow. These need to be cut too size with a chainsaw and chipped back into the woodland with any damaged branches on trees cleaned up with a fresh cut too reduce the likelihood of infection.

The majority of the leaves have fallen so it’s time to do a final clean up before the end of year with the hand blowers around all green and tee complexes.

22 new trees are being planted around the course by the green staff to fill holes, extend current copses and add  ‘mirror’ trees behind current trees which are located in places that would seriously affect a hole if they were to fall or die. The trees planted will all be indigenous species with oaks, beech’s and pines.

Stuart Langhorn

Golf Course Manager

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